First I forward a simple, easy-to-remember domain name to an online dating site (my affiliate link).

Next I hire pretty girls off of Fiver to make (PG-rated) webcam videos. I ask them to wear something sxy and to just talk about anything in their video. It doesn't matter what they talk about at all because 90% of the guys aren't going to be watching them to see what they have to say, if you catch my drift.

Fiver isn't the only place you can find girls to make webcam videos for you. There are many forums out there with lots of female members. Sign up for some, make a thread describing what you need, the requirements you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay per video. You'll be surprised how many girls will be willing to do this, since it's not perverted, in order to make some extra cash on a daily basis. You could even go to a local college, the mall, the grocery, or the park and hand out fliers to any cute girl that walks by.

In the video they say they joined this free "SINGLES SITE" that's similar Facebook and that they are meeting some cool people there. For instance, I'd buy a domain like and forward it to my affiliate link. Then they would just say something like the following somewhere in their video;
By the way, I found a new site the other day where I've met some really cool people! You guys should check it out and add me. The site is and my username there is sweetgal19.
Then I post their videos on YouTube, Google Video, Break, etc... This actually bring in lots of free & paid signups to the dating site via my affiliate link. I make $3000+ a month this way and it's easy to do.

There are lots of online dating sites out there with affiliate programs. The tricky part is finding one that doesn't shave and where your conversions and stats stay pretty consistent over a long period of time. If you try one that you make alot of money with at first, then you notice a big drop in conversions, most of the time they have started shaving alot and they're not a company you should stay with.

The one I use stays very consistent and pays out every 2 weeks via Bank Wire, Check, Paxum or Payoneer. They have lots of great promotions too. Right now they have an $80 'Pay Per Sale' offer that I'm using for my videos. I'm not going to mention the name of the site here but if you wanna give them a try, just contact me via PM or email.