Kamal Haasan on Monday said he supported a reduction in entertainment tax on films, saying it would keep the industry healthy.

"It should be reduced..there is no second thoughts about it. People like me who do not have any political lineage and those who want the industry to thrive will ask for the same..." he said.

Talking to journalists at a curtainraiser for the FICCI Media and Entertainment Business Conclave 2011 in Chennai, the actor who is chairman of the conclave, said there was a need to look at film financing more closely as banks shied away from lending to the industry based on its irregular repayment track record.

Upset at the reluctance of banks and financial institutions to back the film industry, he felt this was giving the underworld a chance to get a toe-hold in it.

"Poultry farmers get better financing than filmmakers," said Kamal. In the absence of proper financing streams, other methodologies come into play, including, black or white, legal or illegal money, he said.

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