Some would call Lady Gaga's music videos eccentric masterpieces, while others classify them as just plain creepy. But her past creative projects are nothing compared to her most recent video for the song, "Marry the Night," which was unleashed to the world late last night. The footage is nearly fourteen minutes in length, which makes it the longest running video the singer's ever created.

The video almost serves as an autobiography of sorts and shows a pretty intense story of the pop star's struggle to fame, including some pretty dark days before she became successful. Many Gaga fans will be pleased to hear that impressive choreography still dominates a major portion of the video, but others may find the rest of the content a little disturbing. I mean, I get what Gaga's trying to do -- show fans the many obstacles she faced before fame and glory came into her life. The message is clear -- when life beats you down, just pick yourself back up and try again. It's meant to be inspiring, but in the most creepy way possible...although I really shouldn't expect anything less from Gaga. She's not exactly known for her subtly.

Hissy fits, self-destruction, nudity, hair coloring, blazing fires -- this video has it all (and let's not forget the odd Cheerio binge eating session). Gaga attempts to show you the messy, disturbing, chaotic elements of her life and she definitely succeeds, but I just don't think it was altogether that necessary. Take it from someone who is usually a huge Gaga supporter: this is not one of her best music videos. However, if anyone can hold someone's attention for almost 14 minutes straight, it's Gaga.

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