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    We invite you to the world of Gunbound, which takes place in Planet "Lond" and its 8 moons. Gunbound means
    "The infinite war between each unique mobile and its riders" In Lond 16 unique mobiles are available.
    Each of these mobile is processed in different environment and therefore, it has its own unique character no
    other mobile possesses. With our experience and history of making turn-based shooting game, players will find
    themselves in middle of intense battle between mobiles. New weaponry and strategies await you!

    The surrounding environment set in Gunbound dynamically changes according to the "Moon Disk." Pay attention
    to the Moon Disk as it changes every other turn. Gunbound forbids simple game play.

    Feel the freedom of your game play within your turn. Take a cover behind debris! Avoid your enemy missiles!
    Inflict damage to your enemy mobile! The precise damage-meter is only one of the amazing features provided
    from Gunbound.

    Players will participate in battle after wearing their own avatars and choosing the mobile they want. Players will
    be rewarded at the end of the battle. Winners will receive their reward and with the reward the players will purchase
    an avatar item(s) of their choice which will benefit in future battles.

    Player's objective is to excite the audiences that are watching the battle with his or her amazing skills and beautiful
    avatars. The player will receive special rewards if the audiences are pleased. Of course displaying bad manners in
    the battlefield will get you negative feedbacks and you will be booed off by the crowd. Keep it in your mind that your
    skills and avatars are directly connected to the amount of reward you receive at the end of the game.

    Beautiful graphics and cute outlines await you.
    More enhanced and faster interaction of screen will be provided.

    Brief spec of game-engine used in GunBound
    Engine only for turn-shooting game that supports 2D/3D at the same time.
    16Bit Color, 800 * 600 screen, 3D Polygon background.
    Various 3D effect support. (Real-time-cartoon-randering, Dynamic Light, Atmosphere mapping, mopping)
    Various 2D effect support. (Multiple scroll, Plenty 2D animation management, Light and spinning ability)

    Minimum System Requirements CPU : Pentium 300A
    Main Memory : 64MB
    Video Card : i740(with 3D accelerator support)
    Video Memory : 8M+ , DirectX8.0 support required.
    O/S : Window 98
    Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

    Suggesting Specification CPU : Pentium lll 800MHz or higher
    Main Memory : 64MB+
    Video Card : Any 3D-accelerated card
    Video Memory : Over 8MB+, DirectX 8.0 or higher version required.
    Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

    Fast access to a fast game
    : GunBound gives you fast, easy access using its special network system.
    : This turn-based game is so fast paced; you would swear it was real-time!

    Support communications across servers perfectly
    : Shows you the position of your friends in real-time.
    : You can send messages across servers.

    Hack prevention technology
    : We now use the Latest cryptology for password protection and we will constantly have patches to prevent
    : cheaters and cheating programs from being used.

    Guild System
    : Your guild information will show up interactively in the game as well as outside of the game.
    : You can share information about your guild with other players.

    Guild Ranking and Rank within Guild
    : You can choose to see where you rank within your guild, or see how your guild ranks against other guilds.

    Guild Recruit and management tool
    : Guild recruitment and changes can be done easily through our website.

    20 catchy songs are used in GunBound.
    Due to its popular demand, we are now looking forward to release the original sound track as an album.


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    I was scrolling through the description as my mouth watered at every word....and then: the crappy screenshots. Oh well, worth a try, I guess..

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    But I can not to Download in this time.

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    Thanks. But not that good.

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    Give it a try, oce u start playing it, you can't stop. If you ever played worms and liked it, you ll sure like these game cos it's way better than worms.


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