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Thread: Will the USA attack Iran?

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    hey bike the bycicle like me you will be fine..nothing worry about the gas price...!

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    dubya will not initiate an attack on iran for several reasons:

    1. currently usa can not afford another war,financially or sending troops.

    2. geographically , since iran is between 2 countries where usa is already having problems securing its' own troops,waging war on iran is a welcome note to more islamist extremists to hit more and harder.

    3. opposition at home,more americans are disapproving of the war on iraq and asking to bring back the troops.a new war will worsen even more dubya's approval polls.

    4. europe taking the lead in the iran talks, will never approve of a military strike.dubya will not want to 'upset' his nato allies again.

    5. if france,germany,britain takes it to the security council..then it will probably end in sanctions and more inspections resolutions.dubya can not afford defying the un and international community again after iraq.

    6. iran promises never to use the technology for making wmd were ever found in iraq.imagine how the world will look at this administration if us went into iran and never found nukes.

    7.if usa decides to hit iran,no one will support it and it's usual willy-nilly 'friends' like britain will certainly not participate,no nato countries will contribute in it..except maybe for poland.

    8.if iran is actually developing nukes,there is noway the usa will go to war against it.take north korea as a good example.

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    Well paying $3 a gallon is alot. $2 bucks is even alot when clinton was in presidency gas prices were like $1.45 a gallon and we were so much happier then.

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    i think hes goin to wait now....theres no way US congress can sanction that kind of money for another war...he ll have to wait for sometime atleast....

    but eventuallyy i think they ll attack.....this will continue till hes in presidency...hope u throw him out at the next electins

    2 yrs still to go..

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    Usa wont attack Iran because Iran has become a huge ally with china & russia. Due to the fact that we are messing around with the caspian sea and have become good friends with unical(oil company) russia nor china will allow us to impede their growth process by taking claim of the world resouces of oil. So to your question will we invade IRAN, maybe but if we do mark my words there will be a lot problems that will accumulate because of this.

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    i think that the us will invade iran but not now we need to get out of iraq

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    Does america have the military capacity to occupy Iraq at the same time as invading iran? I think they would be over stretched.

    Do they have the right to threaten Iran for developing a technology when they themselves are the only country to actively use the technology in war?

    I wonder if the US would consider tactical air strikes, in order to subdue Iran. I think it would be political suicide for George, but so was invading Iraq. Has he learnt from his mistakes?

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    Default It's not all OIL

    Everybody seems to care about the oil. There is plenty of this stuff. It is all around. Under my feet under your feet. The oil companies do a good job in making people believe it is precious. They only spend so much each year for new sites.

    It's like housing in major cities. The builders choose to build below the growth rate. So they don't have to worry about competition, and get a great primium. Basically all these major industries have an illegal agrement to not compete.

    So for saying all that, I know we will not go to war with Iran. Only for the fact that 5% of the people rule the government and the other 95% want them gone. Every other government knows this, and is just waiting for the day when a group of college students pick up some guns and start kidnapping people. The way Iran's current government was founded 30 years ago.

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    As far as the topic concerns,developments in recent past have been rather pointing against such a possibility.Moreover,US knows if Iran is attacked,situatino will not work in its favour.India voted against Iran fine but it had a purpose.In event of US attacking Iran,sure they'll loose much ado and relation they are developing with India.Now as far as other perspective is concerned,US has lost Iraq like Vietnam.I mean fine they had Saddam,but they are loosing soldiers at considerable rate as they were in Vietnam war.Their Vietnam ghost has revisited them.Iraq turned pout to be different than Afghanistan which they never expected and realised.Now Iran is much advanced than Iraq.So,questino is how effective will US be if it were to face another such situation .Already a vietnam like situation in Iraq and face even worse in Iran would be just too much.Also,it won't risk inviting Muslim enemity for itself.Iran is a gateway to that region and it will be more than what US would ever want,atleast at present time.

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    Default How do people feel about Bush's Christian Dutys?

    How do you feel about having a man lead your counrty in to battle because he says god instructed him to do it?

    The leader of america HAS to be impartial to religon! Do you think this could turn it to a religious war?

    James Lynes

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