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Thread: Prithviraj unofficially banned by AMMA & Superstars

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    riyazkollam Guest

    Default Prithviraj unofficially banned by AMMA & Superstars

    Prithviraj to be unofficially banned by AMMA & Superstars

    Just when AMMA-KFC peace began to come true, Prithviraj found out that he was on top of the AMMA hitlist - other established heroes were not so happy with his phenomenal growth and wanted to out an end to his career. His removal from Maniyan Pillai Raju's 'Ananthabhadram' was the first move.

    Is Mohanlal and Mammootty worried about the rise of Prithviraj? Prithvi is being targeted by AMMA for his breaking the ranks and signing with KFC before the deadlock was resolved

    If prithvi desepeared beacause of Dirty games from amma & senioractors they r trying to demoralise Prithvi...i heared that he was removed from sibimalayil movie because of senior actors...God will bless you

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    prithvifan Guest


    prithvi raj for sure is one of the best actors around...My sapport to Him.. 8)
    Now-a-days some Senior actors are just showing stupidness and nothing more than that. It has become the time to give them a good sent off by the audience.
    these Amma members r selfish i am sure

    Any way we r with u prithvi u r not alone

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    new prithvi fans group Join

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    Default hi

    i am in support for prithvi as well mates..
    he is talented, handsome andhas potential to be a good actor..
    its sad that the dirty politics is against him..
    but looking from another angle he cud have waited for another week before signing that controversial thing..

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    :cry: :D :D :shock: :P
    Prithviraj is a Jada actor, coz he always tells abt his australian education and he mainly a good soaping man always soaping directors while interview.... but he is a good actor and his nandanam was a good movie.. anyway its not fair to ban him,, indian cinema want him.. he is a good actor i support

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    i am not familiar with cinema... what are amma and kfc? some unions?


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