Land mafia lobes mixed with Indian cinema spices to smell like the usual curry but, tastes a little different for the last few scoops.

Anal Murugan the protagonist, is an aspiring gym boy (cinema stunt double), dreaming of making it big as villain in Tamil cinema. But fate turns him into the villain for the state's largest land mafia headed by Akka aka Kutti Rani backed by her brainy associate Vaapa.

The narration doesn't retard from its normal pace during any reel, but the songs definitely play its part in doing so. First 60 minutes is the often traveled path, with fighters flying, comedians crying, hero kicking, heroine singing, and all other circus trends. The following 70 odd minutes will entertain the audience if they were less interested in what happened so far.

Vikram is always at his best. His body language for all those petty roles is graceful and shows how good an actor he is (especially the 2nd half investigation block). But with his gym boy physique, his muscles struggle a lot to be in sync with fellow dancers.

2 villains, thankfully only one flaunts his decibel skills that too for very few minutes. The other villain is more of looks, but her costume and performance creates more of a serial soap star impression rather than a vicious female politician. Oh, I forgot there is another petty villain who alters his ways later. Naturally both the villains reach heaven before we step out of the hall.

Nothing much to say about the lead lady, as she was busy walking through deserts for 2 duets and throwing her charm in few other scenes. Comedy is very good in this movie, doesn't mock anybody and above all nobody is physically abused. Thambhi Ramaiyya has done his part well along with few more actors.

Looks like Singeetham Sir is having all the fun after so many years in cinema. There are lots of body builders in the movie who look cute and loveable when they are not in action. Songs are a big let down for the movie along with the BGM. Had the narration been sleeker, Rajapattai would have been a decent entertainer.

Title cards warn you of some heavy metal clanging and high decibel "yeiiiiiii" . If 'Naan Mahaan Alla' is the reason for you to book the ticket for Rajapattai, the risk is up to you.

Watch it if you are in for a mild paced entertainer with not many twists, but good performances and better comedy.

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