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Thread: Multiple projects- Multiple clients

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    Default Multiple projects- Multiple clients

    How do you deal with multiple projects and multiple clients? I generally juggle three to five projects at a time. However, my business is showing rapid increase these days and some times I think all the plates (or balls depending on what I'm juggling) will fall.

    Do you 1) handle one project at a time and put the others in a queue or 2) work on all of them simultaneously?

    If you #1, then what do you do about long-term clients?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    i personally would recomend that you finish the most pressing assessment first. or if they each share a common element then do the common thing first. that way you can copy it and only do small amouts of editing.


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    Default ggg

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm i don't konw - -*


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