Film actress Mamta Mohandas got married to her childhood friend and Bahrain-based businessman Prajit Padmanabhan at a simple function held at the Kadavu Resorts in the Malappuram district.

Prajit is the son of Padmanabhan Kartha of Moovattupuzha and Geetha and Mamta, daughter of Mohandas and Geetha of Kannur Thalassery.

The bride and the groom came in a horse chariot accompanied by the exhilarating sounds of panchavadyam. The two got engaged on November 11 at a function held at the groom’s house in Moovattupuzha.

Closes relatives of the two and a few friends from the film fraternity attended the marriage function. Directors Sathyan Anthicaud and Shyama Prasad, singer Unni Menon and actress Samvritha Sunil attended the function.

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