The surrender at Perth took place three days ago, yet no post-mortem has been carried out by the Indian team management into the loss of the third Test and the series to Australia.

The standard refrain from the players is: "We are just one good performance away from turning it around", but nobody seems to know what needs to be done to put Indian cricket back on rails.

With so many seniors in the side, why no meeting of wise heads in the dressing room has taken place is certainly open to speculation. Whose responsibility is it anyway? The captain's? Coach's? Or the manager's?

The problem with a happy dressing room is that at times the feel-good environment discourages a good, old-fashioned dressing down ---the simplest way to get an important message across.

Whatever be the hierarchy, the message has not gone through to the rank and file because no one has taken the initiative to deliver it.

Communication has never been captain MS Dhoni's strong point. It is not as if he is not open to suggestions - he is simply not the sort who would go out and seek them. His keeping-it-simple theory is based on an amazing hands-off approach. He does not enjoy interference, nor does he interfere with others' business. His relationship with senior players is based on mutual respect, not spontaneity. He does not speak to them, unless spoken to, and vice-versa.

This explains why the Indian team appears to be running on auto-pilot after Dhoni copped a one-match ban for his team's slow over-rate. No one seems to be in charge. Vice-captain Virender Sehwag, who will stand in for Dhoni in the final Test, appears to be a trifle confused about what his role will be.

Sehwag's dilemma is understandable. He is in the midst of one of the leanest patches of his career. Should he take a few hard decisions, assert himself and try to raise the morale of his troops for a final battle or should he conform in a bid to keep the dressing room 'happy'?

The indications will be clearer in a day or two but with no practice scheduled on Thursday and Friday, it is unlikely that the debate over the changes will be settled before the weekend.

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