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Thread: Hit Malayalam movies, in the year of multistarrers

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    Default Hit Malayalam movies, in the year of multistarrers

    2011 has been an exceptional one of Mollywood. The year brought some remarkable moments for the industry with some small time movies becoming surprise hits. The year also holds special as this is only year in recent times which do not feature a 'Big M' movie in its list of top five. Interestingly it showed the door for established filmmakers like Jayaraj (Train, Naayika), Fazil( Living Together), Shaji kailas (August 1 ) and Thulaseedas (Killadi Raman), as they fell short of living up to the maker's potential or reputation.

    In contrast, smaller-budget films helmed by relatively freshers like Rajesh R Pillai, Salim Ahamed and Aashiq Abu flourished in the Box Office, with great support from the lovers of quality cinema. It was undoubtedly an year of multi starers with most of the hit list featuring such movies which had many starts in its castlist. Though Mammootty had a disastrous year with four flops and an average grosser in a row, Superstar vehicles weren't totally ignored either. In fact, the other Big M of Mollywood, Mohanlal has a merry time with all of his films doing pretty well in the Box Office. The following are the 10 winners of the year arranged in no particular order.

    1. Seniors-As per the early reports 'Seniors', a multistarrer by young director Vysakh is the biggest hit of 2011. Featuring Kunchakko Boban, Jayaram, Biju Menon and Manoj K Jayan as four friends who return to their campus life after a gap of a decade, the movie was sharply edited and paced superbly. The director who already had a following after his debut movie 'Pookkiriraja', made 'Seniors' in a budget of 4.5 crores and is expected to have brought in a at least a 3 crore profit to the producer , Vaishakha Rajan.

    2. Salt N Pepper-The most notable movie of the year was Salt N Pepper, which after making a slow start built on its positive word of mouth and ended up as a big hit. Featuring Asif Ali, Lal, Shwetha Menon and Mydhili, the movie by Aashiq Abu completed 100 days run in major centres, creating good profit for its producer Luc Sam creations.

    3. Traffic- Another Slow star which was released in the first month of 2011, the movie by Rajesh R Pillai, surprised everybody with its concept and treatment. A superbly-crafted multinarrative with an edge of the thriller makeover, 'Traffic' was supported by a well knit script by Sanjay Bobby. This was also a multistarrer which told the life of a number of its lead players, who were engaged in transporting a heart through the busy roads of the Ernakulam to a hospital at palakkad. 'Traffic' also celebrated 100 days in a few release centres.

    4. Urumi- This historical thriller featuring Prithviraj and Prabhudeva had an ensemble cast and was noted for its brilliant production values. Scripted by Shankar Ramakrishnan and directed by Santhosh Sivan, the movie made an impressive start at the Box Office. It was based on the attempt of a few to end the portuguese sailor Vasco Da Gama. The movie when dubbed into Telugu also turned a profitable affair.

    5. Rathinirvedham- Another movie that surprised everybody with the collections was 'Rathinirvedham'. A remake of the 70's hit with the same title, the pre publicity and Oomph actor has done much good to the film which opened to great initials though without a single big star. Shwetha Menon, who played the lead, was cast for the first time in Mollywood as a sensuous lady who becomes the love interest of a younger boy from the neighbourhood. The movie made in a budget of 1.5 crores collected more than 2.5 crores from the theatres itself.

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    6. China Town-Another multi starrer with Mohanlal, Dileep and Jayaram coming together in full length roles for an Aashirwad film, 'Chinatown' opened to magnificent initials though the hungama over the film didn't last long. The movie made at a budget of 7.75 crores managed to create profits for its makers in the long run.

    7. Christian Brothers-This Joshy movie which was in the making for long, had plenty of frontline popular stars of Mollywood including Mohanlal, Dileep, Sureshgopi and Sarathkumar. The movie was released in maximum centres in Kerala and made fantastic collections, but due to the bigger budgets just managed to end a little better than average.

    8. Makeup Man-Another Shafi hit after the impressive''Marykkundoru Kaunjaadu', this sparking family drama with plenty of wits was received with applause. With Suraj Venjarmoodu in his top form, this 'cinema about cinema', managed to keep the viewers engrossed with jumbled up characters and welcome cameos by Kunchakko Boban and Prithviraj.

    9. Arabeem Ottakavum P Madhavan Nairum- Of the Christmas releases, this Priyadarshan's get together with Mohanlal after seven years has resulted in a safe earner. Though the old charm is missing, the movie definitely reminds us of the good old entertainers of the past with plenty of oneliners.

    10. Indian rupee and Beautiful- These two movies which came out in the final months of the year met with the Mollywood standards of quality film making. Coming from the senior showman Renjith, 'Indian rupee was a brightly scripted and constructed film that was rightly listed among the must see movies of the year. Beautiful written by Anoop Menon and directed by V K Prakash emerged p nth beautiful films of 2011, with an absorbing style off narratives and performances. The other few movies that made safer earnings with the Box Office collections and television rights include 'Manikyakallu', 'Snehaveedu', 'Chappa Kurisu', 'Pranayam', 'Janapriyan', '3 Kings', 'Ghaddhama', 'My Dear Kuttichaathan', 'Venicile Vyapari, 'Dr. Love', 'Manushya Mrigum' and 'Kayam'.

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