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Thread: Rihanna’s sizzling ad voted as the sexiest of 2011

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    Default Rihanna’s sizzling ad voted as the sexiest of 2011

    Rihanna’s scorching hot advertisement for Armani Underwear has been voted as the sexiest of 2011.

    The raunchy promo was hailed the best of the year in a poll of advertising industry chiefs carried out by U.S. magazine Advertising Age.

    The magazine praised the 23-year-old, saying that she had never looked better.

    “It’s Rihanna at her sexiest. She’s never looked this good,” the Daily Mail quoted the magazine as saying.

    “She’s in amazing shape and the pictures are stunning,” the magazine said.

    Model Miranda Kerr finished in second place due to her breathtaking return to underwear modelling for Victoria’s Secret just weeks after having her first child earlier this year.

    Advertising Age called the 28-year-old as ‘fabulous’ in its article.

    “It’s like she’s never been away,” they said.

    British supermodel Kate Moss, last year’s winner, finished in third place because of her topless campaign for Italian clothing firm Liu Jo.

    A series of ‘Hope’ lingerie commercials secured fourth position for Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, also a new mother after giving birth to her baby a little over two years ago.

    Ronaldo’s stunning girlfriend Irina Shayk helped little-known US swimwear firm ‘Luli Fama’ clinch fifth place.

    The mag claimed that the model was currently in ‘massive demand.’

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    When this girl came out of the West Indies she had style. Now no style; no grace, prepared to expose herself for publicity. A terrible shame. The music industry poisons everyone!

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