“I feel like the first couple of seasons when I was with my ex, um, being in a bad relationship kind of makes you a bad person,” JWoww tells The Hollywood Reporter at the THR Covers Lounge. “If you’re not happy in a relationship, you tend to take it out on other people you shouldn’t.”

In 2010, JWoww was dealing with a lawsuit from her ex in which he claimed she owed him $350,000 for helping to build her image and career. By Season 3, the guidette had dropped the zero and got with her present hero, Roger Mathews. And it seems that made all the difference. “I’m in a great relationship, so I’m more calm.”

“He’s older than me, so he teaches me how to diffuse situations, not get in anybody’s business,” the 25-year-old continues. “You know when you’re happy, you want to project happiness on other people.”

JWoww says her biggest story line on the upcoming Season 5 will be her relationship with Roger as they reach the one-year mark. And although he has had a calming influence on her, JPoww is still around when she’s needed.

“I’ll always defend my roommates,” she says. “I’ll always get in a fight for them. If I feel like they’re being threatened, I will be there.”

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