Academy of Medical Sciences, popularly known as
Pariyaram Medical College is one of the biggest Super Speciality Medical Institution in India.

Kerala has made giant strides in the field of health and set the standard in indicators of public health for the rest of the nation. This is achieved by ensuring literacy, equitable land distribution and civic rights to the entire society.

The increased awareness of right to health, rightfully, led to an increasing demand for health care facilities and a high utilization rate of the existing resources. The positive vibes to this demand, from the public and private sector, resulted in the growth and development of health care delivery systems in Kerala. Even though the general health status is satisfactory, there is an unmet need and demand for quality medical care, in terms of infrastructure and manpower.

Pariyaram Medical College is one of the successful ventures in quasi-government sector which aims to bridge this gap. Pariyaram Medical College is a centre of excellence and is the ultimate destiny regarding the health care needs of the people in Malabar region. Its sprawling campus consists of Pariyaram Medical College & Hospital, Dental College & Hospital, Nursing College, Pharmacy College, Nursing School, Sahakarana Hrudayalaya and an English Medium Public School.

Pariyaram Medical College was conceived with an objective to open new vistas into the training of medical education for undergraduates and postgraduates, the lofty objective being to create a generation of socially useful and ethically conscious doctors. Its purpose is to bring together in one place, educational facilities of the highest order for the training of self sufficient personnel in all important branches of health activity, including medical post graduates. The institute has comprehensive facilities for teaching, inexhaustible resources for medical and allied research and provides credible patient care. We have state of the art infrastructural facilities that meet the needs of the future. We hold out to the public with a promise to deliver health care of the best quality to the needy with minimum expenses

Pariyaram Medical College and Hospital is the premier super speciality medical institution the only one of its kind in India,

The teaching Hospital of Pariyaram Medical College is a 1200 bedded hospital complex is supported by more than 20 specialities and eight super speciality departments manned by very competent experienced medical professionals who render their service with a personal touch. The hospital has grown to the stature of a 'Referral Hospital of North Kerala in a short span of its service inline with the vision of its promoters. This modern hospital has 18 Operation Theatres, fully equipped with advanced bio-medical equipments to conduct most advanced and complicated surgical procedures at all speciality and super speciality levels.


* To improve the overall health status of people of Kerala by providing comprehensive quality health care of high standards.
* Impart quality medical education by establishing a premier medical institution with graduate, post graduate and post-doctoral courses in Medicine, Surgery, Nursing, Dental, Pharmacy and allied fields.
* Provide emergency and intensive care at affordable cost by establishing a sophisticated modern hospital of international standards.
* To maintain excellence in all activities relating to Health Care, as a model in co-operative sector.
* Always to uphold ethical values and human dignity.

A Centre of Excellence for Medical Education & an Institution for Comprehensive Health Care at Affordable Cost

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