Mulamoottil Eye Hospital (MEH), one of the most reputed eye care centres in India. Our team of qualified and well-experienced doctors and modern facilities and equipment for diagnosis and treatment ensure you the best in eye care.

We provide you advanced cataract treatment facilities, including micro-cataract surgery and customized cataract surgery. MEH offers totally blade-free LASIK surgery for myopia, long sight and astigmatism. MEH is the second hospital in the country to have this modern facility viz, Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite. This helps people to get rid of glasses.

MEH offers the best eye care facilities at nominal rates without making any compromise on the quality and standard of treatment. As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts MEH organizes community medical camps and also runs a full-fledged eye bank.

The Mulamoottil family, which runs the hospital, has a long tradition in eye care that began with late Mulamoottil Mathen Mathai (1855-1934), an eye physician. Inspired by the legacy of his great grandfather, Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob set up the modern eye care centre - the Mulamoottil Eye Hospital at Kozhencherry, Kerala, India in 2003 with various Ophthalmologic departments. He is supported by a team of eminent doctors.

Cataract Treatment
What is cataract?

Any clouding or opacity of the lens of the eye is called cataract. Once affected, cataract will result in gradual decline of eye sight. Cataract can effectively be cured through surgery. Though conventional cataract surgery and keyhole surgery are popular methods, micro-cataract surgery, an advanced technique, is more safe and effective.

Types of cataract

There are different types of cataract. Cataract by birth is called congenital cataract. It can also be caused by injuries to the eye, which is called traumatic cataract. Most common is age-related cataract in which the normal process of ageing causes the lens to harden and become cloudy. Diseases such as diabetes can also cause cataract or aggravate it.

Symptoms of cataract

The most common symptoms of cataract infection are:

* Blurred or distorted vision
* Gradual loss of colour vision
* Worsening of vision in dim/bright lights
* Glare at night resulting in coloured rings (haloes) around bright lights
* Double vision
* Frequent changes in eye sight

Treatment for cataract

Surgery is the only effective treatment method for cataract. There are three types of cataract surgery:

* Conventional surgery with sutures (incision size of 10 mm)
* Keyhole cataract Surgery or SICS (incision size of 5-6 mm)
* Micro-cataract Surgery (incision size of 0.7 mm to 2.00 mm)

Tests and Procedures in Micro Cataract Surgery (MCS)

Micro Cataract Surgery is the safest of cataract surgeries. The post-operative precautions are minimal.....

Why Us?

At Mulamoottil Eye Hospital, we follow the method of Micro Cataract Surgery which is the most safe and advantageous choice for a patient. At present, we are the only hospital in south India offering this most-modern surgery. The only other hospital offering this surgery is in Ahmedabad.

Also, we offer this surgery at the lowest possible rate in the world without compromising the quality of service. We have successfully performed 4000 MCS and 250 CMCS in the past three years.

General information on hospital

Working Hours

8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on all days (except Sundays)


Dedicated mobile number (9947599999) is available to confirm appointments, report last minute change of plans, enquiries, etc via SMS (short messaging services).


Airport pick-up and drop facilities are available upon request and prior notice.


Phone bays for local, national and international calls.
Internet and e-mail facility provided to patients (on request).

Credit Cards

Payment for our services can be done with all major credit cards. This facility is available only at Kozhencherry center.

Prayer room

For those moments of reflection and meditation.
Calm, peaceful ambience.


Hygienic, homely and authentic Kerala fare. Ice creams, softies, candies and fruit juices Elachi tea and coffee (sugar-free available)

Footwear Policy

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital discourages the use of street footwear into our wards and theater complex.

A strict adherence to this policy will help us to serve you better by:

* Maintaining a dust free and clean environment so that our sensitive imported equipments work more reliably
* Decreasing the bacterial load in the hospital premises so that there is no infection
* Attaining a semi-sterile environment for safe surgical recovery

Please remember that our numerous surgical patients are thankful for your co-operation in providing them a safe environment for a speedy, safe and healthy recovery.

Our staffs wear footwear that is provided by the hospital especially for hospital wear.

Similar footwear is available to our patients on request.

For more details, please contact +91- 97440 88300 or +91- 99475 99999

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