The business of festival releases have changed.
For Pongal 2012, the films due for release will not clash, as they are all slotted on different days. It enables a big film to get a solo opening for a day or two.
The Pongal line-up as of now are- Shankarís Vijay multi-starrer Nanban on January 12, followed by Kollaikaran on January 13, Lingusamyís Vettai on January 14 and veteran Ramarajanís Medhai on January 15.
There is a clear two day gap between the biggies Nanban and Vettai, which will ensure a fantastic opening for the former. During these two days theatres especially in multiplexes will have additional shows of Nanban in screens booked for Vettai.
Advance booking has opened for both the biggies in Chennai city and suburbs and the response has been very good. Nanban may have star power, but in marketing it is way behind UTVís Vettai, which is hogging all media space. ​

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