has been established around the world as a trusted provider of nutritional supplements for more than 50 years.

Complan was first developed by Glaxo in the 1950s as a powdered food for use in hospitals. When reconstituted with water, it provided all essential nutrients and could be fed to patients through a tube, as well as by mouth. Its name is derived from COMplete PLANned nutrition.

Following its success in the hospital environment, Complan developed as a product suitable for outpatient care and eventually became available for purchase in pharmacies and shops.

Complan has continued to develop over the years. Flavoured varieties were first introduced in the 1970s and the range has since expanded and also includes savoury varieties. By 1985, nutritional thinking had advanced and Complan was again reformulated to reflect this. The quantity and type of fat content was revised in line with a Department of Health report on diet and cardiovascular disease.

All Complan sold in the UK is manufactured in the UK. There are variations in product make-up and methods of manufacture around the world. But wherever it is made, Complan consistently offers balanced nutrition in line with local nutritional requirements.

Today Complan is focused on providing nutrition products suitable for all members of the family, through three core products: Complan ( balanced nutrition for the family), Casilan ( higher protein for sports performance and illness recovery) and Complan Shake (to tackle clinical malnutrition).

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