Food might provide an easy access to someoneís heart, but itís also easy to commit cooking crimes unknowingly.

Salt has an indispensable relevance in the kitchen and its excessive use can ruin the flavour of a dish completely. Here are some simple tips, which help turn common ingredients found in your kitchen into saviours when a dish is at risk:

Potatoes: Cut a raw potato into pieces and add them to your salty dish before cooking it for some time. ďThe potato soaks up the excess salt and neutralises itís flavour. While serving, take the potato pieces out". This solution is best suited for Indian curries and gravy dishes. Lentils can also be treated in a similar way.

SaltFresh cream: If your dish has cream as one of itís ingredients, then an extra dollop can help neutralise itís flavours. Apart from giving it a thicker and creamier texture, the fresh cream will kill the sting. This method can be used for Italian dishes or in soup.

Kneaded dough: Cooking the dish with a ball of kneaded dough also helps absorb the excess. This method works best for Thai curries.

Curd: You can use this method and add curd to a dush to dull out the saltiness. It works best with Indian gravies.

Vinegar and Sugar: Add white vinegar and half teaspoon of sugar into your gravy to kill the excess salt added to it. Heat the dish for two minutes and then serve. The trick works best with Chinese gravies.

Salt-free broth or warm water: Remove half the broth from your salty dish and add salt-free broth or water to dilute the saltiness. After the liquid dilutes the flavours, some extra herbs can be thrown in as well.

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