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    If you want to join a play by post role-play community that focuses on original ideas from the members and where you can suggest your own original role-play then perhaps DDC Games is for you.

    Members are free to create their own role-play environments so long as they are original and they have enough members to run it. They are also free to run more adult oriented simms as long as the appropriate rating is used as the site does have a varied simm rating system. This is so that younger member's don't take part in simms which aren't suitable for them.

    Right now there is a post apocalyptic simm where Zombies have overrun the planet. It is based on a group of survivors in New York City. Their main goal to try and find other survivors and attempt to rebuild the human race.

    If you want to join
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    I like only fighting games such as Taken and King of fighters etc.

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