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Thread: Ranbir & Priyanka receive a sweet business offer

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    Default Ranbir & Priyanka receive a sweet business offer

    B-town 'Rockstar' Ranbir Kapoor and the lovely Priyanka Chopra are happy. The charming lead pair of UTV's forthcoming rom com 'Barfi!', with a thrill has received a sweet business offer from students.

    In an Innovative marketing technique to capture Ranbir Kapoor - the icon of youngistan India along with effortless beautiful Priyanka Chopra, UTV Motion Pictures has roped in B-school students to design marketing campaign for its upcoming film 'Barfi!'

    UTV launched a nation-wide hunt to get students from key business schools.

    Shikha Kapur, senior vice president, marketing, UTV Motion Pictures, shares, "A lot of brainstorming went into the whole thing. We received entries from 35 colleges and we shortlisted 20. It was further brought down to six, and of them two have been chosen as winners. During the quest, we have come across some very creative minds. Students from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, were the winners and IIT Delhi students were the first runner-up.

    Directed by Anurag Basu, the film starring Ranbir as deaf-mute boy and Priyanka as an autistic girl will release July 13.

    There is a popular belief that 'Barfi!' is slow paced and full of melodrama which might be heavy on audience. But Ranbir dispels the notion describing it as a fun, family film and as a romantic thriller. "It's about two dysfunctional people who bond together in the nicest of relationship, one that is sweet, touching and heart-warming," said the actor.

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