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Thread: Free softwares needed

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    Default Free softwares needed

    Hi, this is my second time requesting for softwares. :P

    -Can you guys give me a free software download site(s) you think the best?

    -Anyone know what freeware can allow me to put my watermark on my images?

    -Do you know any software that allows me to cut out a part of a song and replace that part with a another part of another song (confusing)?

    Hihi, that's all for now.

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    I would reccomend you to get this one

    it's the best for you, don't need to know the site, just search on what you need, for example..Microsoft Office 2003 Professional with will see lists of ton there...

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    Default Freewares

    Are you looking for Freewares only ? Some software are completely free like AVG anti-virus or Zone Alarm Firewall and can easily replace expensive ones. Take a quick look at and search for freeware and sort them by total downloads. You could find one for you.

    Of course, there are those Shareware who stop working after 15 days or limit the size of your file if you don't buy the software. According to me, the freeware version works better than the shareware version of a application.

    Do a Google search on "Top 50 freeware" or something similar and have fun ! :)

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    Default water mark freeware

    I think the best for would be GIMP. (

    You have the option of working with layers. Just give low opacity for the simbol yot want to embed. Make sure it's the higher layer.

    about layers:

    If you were looking for scripting few images at time... it won't help you!.

    good luck!

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    I use Gold Wave, I can send to you on MSN, just add me: [email protected]

    Its great and shows you full visuall and sound and can add and delete parts and can also slow things down and stretch also be able to echo and alot more shit I never learned.

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    Default I don't MSN

    sorry, but I boycott msn.

    you can mail me to aimnon at gmail com.



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