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Thread: Make money online tips

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    Default Online Ways to Make Money – Buy & Sell Domains

    If you are a person who does not like the regular 9-5 job and want to work from your home, then there are many different kinds of make money ideas available on the internet for you.

    Out of all the different ways to make money online, the easiest way that can give you quick cash is buying & selling domain names. These days there are many people who are buying & selling their domain names and making good money on the internet.

    You do not need any kind of technical skills to create a domain. You just need some creativity in your head to think of a unique domain name that is not already present on the internet and which you think will be very popular, so that you can get more money when you sell it. Before creating a domain, you can do some research on the internet. Check out what things are goring popular online.

    Once you have created a unique domain, the next thing you should do is to market your domain on the internet.

    This one of the successful make money ideas is just like the real estate business. You make investments for the future profits. A really good domain can cost as much as an apartment would cost. There are many factors that determine the price of a domain.

    If your domain has a ‘.COM’, then the benefits will be really lucrative. But, if it is a ‘.NET’ or something like that, then it will surely not fetch the amount you wish for.

    You can also create a website and get it registered as a custom domain seller, it will help you list different domains and you can invite people to buy a domain by bidding for the particular one they want.
    Things to follow in this one of the easiest ways to make money online -

    1. Do research before registering a domain. It should be easy to remember. It is a Niche market specific and contains generic or popular words in English. The words are short and the keyword phrase is rich.

    2. Market your domain on the auction sites in the premier listings.

    3. When you list your domain for sale, review the prices of the domains that have similar names, it includes those who are on sale and those who were sold a few days before. You can also hire a professional for your domain name appraised.

    4. Increase the market value developing quality content on it to drive traffic. It will really help you sell it for a higher price.

    Domain buying & selling is surely a great make money online way that gives you big money in a short time. You can easily create a good domain with some creativity and a little bit of research.

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    Default How To Make Money On EBay

    Some sell on eBay to clean out their garage or attic. Some sell to make a little extra money here and there. But for some, eBay represents a chance to create a second income or start a home business. Product choice is important. But to really increase profit you must know how to increase the number and amount of bids per item. An eBay seller must maximize each product's profit margin. This article describes techniques to make as much profit as possible.

    1. Sell like products at the same time. Bidders look to see what else you have for sale they might be interested in. Combined shipping saves postage for the buyer. Packing in the same box saves time and packing costs for the seller.

    2. Bundle a less desirable item with a more desirable item increases sales. This is an old offline auction technique. If the bidder wants the better item he has to buy both. If two sellers offer the same item, the buyer bids on the two item auction. Bundling two low cost items together also increases bids. A buyer may not be willing to pay shipping for one item, but would for two.

    3. Remember seasonal issues. Don't sell snow skis in July, water skis in January. Be sure to offer seasonal items early enough to allow for shipping. Don't expect to sell many Christmas items that must be shipped during the second week of December.

    4. Understand profit margins. Don't buy to resell for only a $5 profit when you can make $20 on a different item. Determine your desired monthly income and choose products appropriately. Want to make 1000 a month? That is $250 a week. That's ten successful actions at $25.00 profit, or five items at $200 a month, or ten items at $100 each. Also packing 10 items takes less time than packing 20 items. Always consider time as a cost.

    5. Don't forget back end sales and secondary products. Offer similar products during the payment process or on your auction store/web site. If you sell underground fences for dogs, an up-sell item is a customized collar. A secondary product could be a pet door. Another secondary product could be a ebook on pets.

    6. The List - For many successful online sellers the mailing list is where their money is made. Using a autoresponder, sellers automatically email customers on their list at regular intervals. Including content with announcements of upcoming sales increases back end sales. Once a customer buys, they are more likely to buy again from same person or company.

    7. Customer demographics should be considered. Collectors have expectations non-collectors don't. Example, some book buyers that are allergic like to see "book from non-smoking home" in ad. This would earn you a higher bid. What does the customer expect to see in a description?

    8. Auction terms and conditions should be included with each auction. What shipping options are available? Do you take questions? Do you ship only certain days? What kind of payments do you take? Type whatever standard terms you offer in a word processor and cut and paste into your auctions. This saves time. For some sellers, typing the content for each auction is one of the most time consuming tasks.

    Profit involves keeping costs reasonably low and creating higher bids. We've described some techniques for increasing profit. Sit down and mentally run through the process of auction selling and come up with some of your own ideas. EBay is a great business opportunity but like any business, sellers must be wise in their product choice and sales techniques.

    Signup for an eBay account - Click here

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    Default Make Money Online By Writing Simple Web Articles

    Do you have writing skill and want to take advantage of your skill? If yes, then article writing job is one of the most easiest ways to make money online without investing a single dime or any type of joining fee. You can make money online easily if you can write articles for websites and blogs. There are many bloggers and website owners who hire article writers. They pay well and you can make decent money online by writing simple articles.

    Article writing job is not a hard working job and you can earn money online without having any technical skill. Usually you will be paid $2 to $10 for each article. You can calculate that how much money you can earn by writing simple articles for bloggers and website owners. There are many ways to make money online by writing articles and you don’t need to visit site to site to get the job. But this job requires some skill:

    1. Good grammar with no spelling mistakes

    2. Each article should be at least 400 words (approximate)

    3. Article should be informative

    4. Article should be optimized with keywords

    5. You must know some essential SEO ( search Engine Optimization ) methods

    If you have these simple skill then you can try this job to make sufficient money online without investing your money. If you don’t have these skill then you should try blogging because here you don’t need to have so much skill but if you want to earn more through blogging then having these skill can increase your earning. Okay now come to the point how to get online writing job.

    There are three main ways to get online writing jobs:

    1. Writing articles on Freelancing jobs providing sites

    2. Writing articles on revenue sharing sites

    3. Writing articles on your own blog

    1. Writing articles on Freelancing jobs providing sites: If you don’t have any blog or website and even you want to make money online by writing simple articles then you can join online freelancing jobs providing websites such as-,,,, etc.

    2.Writing articles on revenue sharing sites :- If you don’t want to join online freelancing sites for this job then you can write articles on revenue sharing sites where you will be paid for your own articles. Here you can check these five Adsense revenue sharing sites.

    3.Writing articles on your own blog :- Making money online by writing simple article on your own blog is very easy and don’t require any hard skill. Just create your blog and start blogging. When your blog will start to receive traffic from search engines you can monetize your blog with some top paying ad networks to make money online on CPM or/and CPC basis. You can also make money by adding some affiliate programs to your blog.

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    Default Make Money With Facebook

    If you always wanted to earn online income but didn’t know where to start, why not jump on the most popular social network site and take advantage of their ad serving platform?

    1. My Merch Store

    Well, now Zazzel allows you to create and design any product on their site(which is free) and sell them on your face book. Think about the potential buyer base for customized t-shirts and hats and etc, specially if you have a lot of Facebook friends. You can also sell product created by other artists and earn a commission on those. So, even if you don’t want to deal with designing, you have a way to make money on face book using Zazzle.

    Go to APP

    2. Cafe Press

    It’s the same idea as Zazzle, but with a much bigger and well known online store. Cafepress lets you easily sell any product from anti Obama Shirts to pro Obama Shirts, on your Facebook and make money, whether it was created by you or someone else.

    Go to APP

    3. Music Blaster

    With MusicBlaster you can put a simple little music store on your Facebook, and sell music from You earn 5% for each song sold. The cool think about this app is the fact that you can help your favorite band or singer to sell their music while you make money, as well as helping them to gain more exposure.

    Go to APP

    4. Garage Sale

    The name says it all, its the good old Garage Sale, but a “Facebooky” Garage Sale. Simply add Garage Sale to your profile page and list every thing you want to sell. When someone buys something, Garage Sale automatically bills the buyer’s credit card and lets you when to ship the item. Your money is deposited directly into your Pay Pal account, or you can request payment by check. However they charge a 5% commission on the total sales price, but that’s all. No other fee for setup or anything like that.

    Go to APP

    5. Shopit

    is a free Social Commerce Network that gives users the ability to buy, sell or trade any product or service. Simply add a free store to your Facebook and sell anything you like. Another easy way to make money on Facebook.

    Go to APP

    6. FlameTunes

    FT was founded in 2007 by an Iranian-American named Nima Khakpour. This app is more for the artists to sell their music. So, if you are an artist, FlameTunes enables you to sell your music on your Facebook. You can also use it to sell music on MySpace.

    Go to APP

    7. Lemonade

    Remember when you setup your first lemonade stand in your community? Well, this app allows you to use the same concept, combining commerce and community, and have a lemonade stand in a digital (Facebook) neighborhood. Basically you add what you want to sell to a lemonade stand, and put it on your Facebook. It’s free and easy.

    Go to APP

    8. eBay

    Who knew that was coming? Yep, you guessed it. Now you can have your eBay on Facebook. This application allows you to add eBay auction listings to your Profile. Sell things to your Facebook friends from crafts, jewelry to diary pages, undies and dinner dates or just whatever you’re selling on eBay! You also have the option to add a charity auction that you support, on your Facebook profile. I think it’s a very smart way to combine eBay and Facebook, and you don’t even need an eBay Account!

    Go to APP

    9. Lending

    Club It’s almost like prosper, where you land money to others and make money with the interest you make from the loan. Not to worry though, lending club has all the detail covered. So, it’s completely safe, and the whole legal and trust issues are taking cared by lending club. If you can use it safley, it can be a good way to make money with your Facebook.

    Go to APP

    10. e3buy Auction Buy

    sell or trade anything. Auction your used or new stuff. With e3buy you can open a customizes store, upload your logo and start selling things. unlike eBay, there is no commission or fee to be paid. it’s completely free to use. It is also fully integrated with PayPal, so you can get paid fast.

    Go to APP

    11. Ether

    Ether is a website that you can make money on by giving advice to people over the phone or by chatting. But now, you can use their new application on Facebook to make money while giving advice to people over the phone. If you’re good at giving advice, this may be the way for you to make some extra money on Facebook. Also if you know a second language, this app makes it easy to teach others and make money. You set the rates and Ether provides a number that individuals can call. The call will then be forwarded to your personal telephone number.

    Go to APP

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    Default How to Make Money with Twitter

    Yes, you can make money with Twitter. Join the thousands of others that are doing that very thing. While you won’t become a millionaire overnight, Twitter offers you a great chance to earn some real cash!

    Twitter Offers Many Money-Making Opportunities

    There are several ways you can make money with Twitter. Before you can begin making money on Twitter, you will need lots of contacts the better. It’s been shown that Twitter users are getting as many as 20,000 followers within just the first month or two of joining. Imagine if you made a sale to just 1% of these followers: you’d have sold to 200 people. The opportunities to make money are endless with Twitter. So make as many friends as you can on Twitter and develop a good trusting relationship with these users. The more Twitter friends you make, the better your opportunity to make money.

    Become an Affiliate on Twitter
    Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online while doing very little in the way of work. Most online companies offer an affiliate program to anyone interested. Find a company that offers affiliate marketing (it will be on the bottom of their website). Sign up and wait to hear from them. They’ll check out your Twitter page and make sure it offers good opportunities for sales. Once they’ve accepted you as an affiliate, you’re all set to go.

    Put up an attractive ad for the business and promote it to all your followers. The more of your followers you can get to purchase the product, the more money you’ll make. Since Twitter is such a large social networking site, the possibilities just keep getting bigger and bigger. Some companies will even pay if a person just clicks on the ad without making a sale, although these are rarer. Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to make money and if you have a Twitter page anyways (who doesn’t?), you may as well make some money at the same time.

    Make Money on Twitter with RevTwt

    RevTwt is a platform that deals with CPC (cost per click) and allows you to make money from your tweets. For those unfamiliar with Twitter, tweets are messages and posts you put on your Twitter page.

    Sign up for an account with RevTwt and they’ll check out your Twitter profile. After doing this, they’ll allow you to put ads for different products or services on your Twitter page. Each time someone clicks on these ads, you can make money.

    As you can see, there’s a lot of money to be made off of Twitter but the key is to get as many followers as possible so make all the friends you can!


    TwittAd offers 2 ways to monetize your Twitter profile, post Twitter account for advertisers to aponsor and Opt-In to advertiser campaign.

    Another method is let advertisers buy premium tweets. The one company i know is Magpie, their offer to twitter users to send sponsored updates with the texts and links submitted (paid for) by potential advertisers. It looks like this is also one of the most prefered methods by both partises, advertisers and publishers.


    TwitPub that also lets advertisers buy premium tweets that will only be distributed strictly to one’s approved followers as they only work with private Twitter streams. For publishers…make money as you tweet! TwitPub will reward you with high 80% Payout! Fast payment and scale quicker while you generate earnings with TwitPub’s innovative business model.


    Something that is very interesting application for twitter that will let you calculate the value of your twitter account. TweetValue will even let you sell your account after verifying you are the owner. The application provides also badges you can use on your website or blog to showcase the value of your twitter profile.

    Twitter, Twitter money,make money with Twitter, Twitter tips, Twitter ads, Twitter advt,

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    Default Make money using Flixya, metacafe and Revver

    Internet is more than entertainment. There are unlimited opportunities online to make money. We find new opportunities when we dig deeper. Today we unearth an opportunity that is genuine and legitimate. The opportunity is online video sharing at websites like Flixya, Metacafe and Revver.
    How to make money from online video sharing

    World is changes since Youtube. Youtube changed our lives for ever. We just love the freedom it gives us in creating and posting personal videos and sharing them with our friends. After the mind-blowing success of Youtube, many more clones have come up. This also proved a season of success for many online video sharing sites.

    Today we are going to talk about the opportunities these sites present to make money. As in any field innovation is the key to success. Youtube is a grand success because of the participation of its members. Millions of videos posted there everyday. To succeed in the hyper competitive market which is dominated by youtube, websites like metacafe, flixya and Revver required the participation from the members. The have found an attractive offer in profit sharing to improve the use participation.

    These websites allows you to join for free. Once you are a member, you are allowed to post videos. These videos once accepted (in most cases almost instantly) will have advertisements showed along with it. Most of these sites provide 50 percent profit sharing opportunity to invite more users. Sites like Flixya even go to the extent of offering 100 percent revenue from the ads shown along with the video content. There are people whom you could find from forums like Digital point will upload hundreds of videos to these sites for a minimum price.

    To maximize the revenue, you must go on bookmarking these videos to help them indexed. You can also submit RSS feeds of the videos to the RSS sites that increase the opportunity of these videos to get indexed and ranked. Always remember to provide tags and topic so that search engines could identify the videos better. With small efforts like these you can multiply the earning opportunity.



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    Default Make money using vshare script

    vShare Video Sharing script allow you to run YouTube Clone.

    vShare YouTube Clone is a PHP/MySQL script that allow you to run successful video sharing portal like, DailyMotion, Google Video, etc...

    Once you have traffic to your web site, you can make money by putting advertisement on your web site.


    100% PHP Source Codes.

    Instant Download

    Revenue Generating.

    Easy to Use and Install. Setup your online business within 10mins!

    Wide range of unique and profitable ebusiness software to choose from.

    Low start-up investment. Prices for our software are made affordable.

    Email/Ticket support as well as phone support with our friendly staff.

    You can buy script from Cheap Scripts For Webmasters

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    Default How to Make Money Online With MySpace

    In today’s increasingly expensive society, a need for a second income arises more and more each day. The problem with this is that no one has the time to get a second job, so we often Google various methods of making money online. Unfortunately, with all of the money making schemes online today, it’s hard to really trust that one method really works. Spending money on e-books that tell you all these “easy” ways to make money can empty your pockets rather than fill them, especially because most of these schemes require you to have some sort of expertise of the internet. Now because of this, these schemes may seem like scams, but you have to look at them from a different way. It’s very possible to make money using MySpace as your gateway.

    1. Use it as a way to promote your product or service. Whether you’re a musician, an artist, an online seller, a crafter, or a writer, you can use MySpace as a way to promote your business. Just make sure you don’t spam anyone or you might end up banned. So, be discreet and make sure that you still offer other good content on your MySpace pages. And yes, this really just works if you have a lot of friends on MySpace.

    2. Share reviews with affiliate links. Like most social networking sites, you can have your own blog with your account. You can use that blog as a way to write reviews of some products, and you can add affiliate links to them. You might also want to share Bulletin posts to your reviews to make sure your contacts get the message. Just try not to do this too much or too often.

    3. Start a MySpace service. If you know bands, authors, actors, etc who might want to have a MySpace account but do not have the time to maintain those accounts, offer your services to them. You can then charge them for creating and/or maintaining their MySpace accounts.

    4. Sell MySpace digital products, such as templates and graphics. If you’re a talented graphic designer, create digital products for MySpace users, such as templates and graphics. Or even quizzes and signatures. You can either offer these products on a per use basis or you can create a membership site that offer such products on a regular basis for your paid members.

    5. Offer advertising space. If you have a good number of friends on MySpace, you can approach businesses or individuals who might be interested in targeting your friends. These advertising posts may be done through your blogs and/or bulletin posts.

    Also, before you use MySpace as a way to make money online, please check their current terms and conditions to make sure that you’re not violating any of them.

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    Default Make Money By Starting A Quality Link Building Service

    The necessary thing word to success right here is quality. You can make some big cash with this sort of service but you have to be devoted to offering what individuals are trying for.

    The straightforward truth is that a web site which has more links coming into it’s going to rank extra highly with the major search engines and be thought to be a more well-liked site. Many webmasters don’t have the time to create those hyperlinks themselves, however they are prepared to pay someone else to do it for them.

    Why do webmaster outsource link building services?

    It is a time consuming process. It eats up valuable time for the webmasters. Hence, they try to outsource this mundane task to any takers who are looking for extra money. You can start with hourly rate or rate per project. These usually start at $50 per project.

    Who can provide link building service?

    Any person who has fairly good idea about SEO, Google search algorithms, internet public relation, press releases, directory submissions, sponsored links, paid pinks, bad links, banned websites, etc can provide this service.

    How to advertise your service?

    You need to advertise your service. You can use word of mouth through friends and relative or use freelancing websites to find job. In this kind of work, you have to fend for yourself. Making the mark is what counts. To do that, you have to sell your strategy. It has to work for the client before he or she can give you a good feedback and track record.

    You can also place ads through internet advertising agencies such as AdWords, adbrite, etc. This will create you a good opportunity to show your website as an example of your work. If your page can rank within first 10 results, then your clientele will increase massively.

    What strategy is the most effective?

    There are plenty of strategy and each website requires a different strategy. You have to manipulate every factor and see which one suits best for your client’s website. To start with, you can practice on your own website and submit it to niche related free directories and paid directories.

    Directory submission

    Search engines will look first into such directories to see the websites related to that keyword and then sort them according to their page ranks. SEO is not always about page rank. Best websites have as much as 5 million quality links. That is quite a lot.

    Associate with niche websites

    Link your home page only and always to websites related to the client’s website. Linking a website without any relevance can cause suspicion to search engines.

    Caching the page

    The home pages of some websites keep changing often. The search engines should record the change and that is called caching. If not, the user will think it is old content and skip the website. Checking the cache is your duty. This is the way you can understand whether or not your link building is working at all.

    Good link vs bad links

    There are websites that have been banned by search engines. You can get a list of those from the directories. Avoid these websites at all cost. They are like rotten apples. It can rot the entire lot. The search engines will consequently ban every website associated with it. Good links are those, which are the search engine’s favourite and rank at number 1 to 10. Getting links from these will boost the credibility.

    Paid vs free links

    Page rank 1 to 10 sometimes accept one way linking upon payment. Before accepting your bid, those websites will check whether or not your website is worth getting linked to. Free links can be obtained through article submissions and press releases from high page rank free submission websites.

    Avoid reciprocal links

    If you are linking to a website and that seems to have 50 links already to it, reciprocating should be avoided

    Check the free link directory scripts below

    PHP Link Directory Script
    Php weby - Free web software, Free PHP scripts, tutorials
    Free Directory Script - Arfooo Directory PHP, MySQL Script
    Free Directory Script Software - phpLinkBid Bid Directory Script

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    Default Make Money With Top Search Engine Rankings

    When it comes to getting visitors to your Web site or sites, there is no doubt that the majority of them are likely to come from the various search engines they exist.

    The problem is that you will compete against a bunch of other Web sites to be found. That is why it is so important to get as close as you that on top of the rankings you can when it comes to searches related to your topic of interest.

    Because the closer you are to the top, the more visits you will get a result – and that translates into more money for you, But how do you do it?

    It doesn’t matter what other people are saying, you don’t go to the top of search results on Google or Yahoo (or those of any other search engine, come) at night. you can certainly do it fairly quickly, but the best technique is to build the value of your website over time.

    Why is this? It’s just because the best things are worth waiting for, or is there more to it than that?

    The thing is, if you try and entice you to the search engines faster indexing or ranking you higher, will they spot your devious effort and you boot off completely.The best tactic is to build a solid, worthwhile and informative website that will gradually rise in the rankings and will continue to be near or above for much of his life.

    You can do-no matter what the topic of your site can always be familiar with white-hat search engine optimization.If you send good Black Hat techniques, such as this will encounter are the ones that get you banned.

    Search engine optimization is all about designing your sites so they rely on the search engines, and so they can find them easily. most of the good SEO techniques are actually very easy to implement.It’s all about getting the right keywords on your pages; and to link your pages, so people can travel easily between them – and so can the search engine spiders.

    This is a continuous process, and a lot of it comes from understanding your customers and know who goes looking for it. What kind of search terms they are likely to type in when they want to find a website like yours?Make sure you build them into your site, and also use longer phrases. so for example, instead of ‘bruiloften ‘ as a keyword for a wedding related website, use a phrase such as “how to plan a wedding ‘ instead, if applicable.

    A good idea is to use different combinations of the keywords for each page of your site, as this will attract more visitors General. make sure that each page has a clear link back to the home page of your website.

    In the end, the more qualified traffic you can attract the search engines, the more sales you probably are. If you have a good website that what people are looking for, and you have the time to find affiliate products and put Google AdSense and other advertising modules on your site, then you can expect to make a good income from your website in taking the time.

    And once you’ve cracked the secret of getting to the top of the rankings, you can repeat the methods that worked in other sites, giving you a whole portfolio of successful websites that your “normal” job fully replaced.

    Before proceeding with the rest of the day thinking about how much fun that would spend, you can leave a comment for us using the form below. Once you’ve done that, why not start planning to increase your rankings – from now on!

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