If you want to make quick money online, micro niche websites which require less time and effort are good alternatives. Niche websites focus on a small niche or topic of a broad theme. You can create hundreds of pages on the topics in your niche.

In contrast to niche websites, micro niche websites have just a few pages (1-10), with each page focusing on a particular keyword. So you just need to create some 10 pages of content and push it on Google to get a steady flow of income through AdSense, Amazon Associates and affiliate programmes.

1. Select a product keyword

As the sole purpose of the website is to generate income, you should focus on lucrative niches with huge number of potential buyers and steady or growing demand. Within the niche, pick product keywords as they fetch high earning per click in AdSense. Also, the visitors will be more likely to be a prospective buyer.

2. Find related keywords

Once you have your main keyword, you need to find some “product keywords” which have the original keyword along with a popular brand in it. You can find them by searching for your main keyword in Google and Amazon.

As my main keyword is “home appliances”, I will use the following keywords:

Cheap Home appliances
Discount Home appliances
best selling Home appliances
shop Home appliances online,
buy Home appliances online

3. Research Competition and CPC
Once you have a list of keywords for your niche website, go to Google Keyword Tool and check out the competition and cost per click (CPC) of the keywords. If you want to earn money through AdSense ads, try to use keywords with CPC of $0.50 or more. You can also use SpyFu to check CPC of keywords.

Now it is time to analyse our competition. Why bother about competition? Unless you are on the first page of the search result, you won’t get much traffic. If you can reach the top spot, you can expect up to 40-50% of the total search volumes to visit your site. If competition for a keyword is low, it will be easy to reach the top slot. Even if you have just 1,000 search for your keyword, being at the top on the search result page means 400-500 visitors whom you can convert into buyers.

4. Create a Website
Get a domain name with your main keyword in it.

5. Add content

After creating the website, it’s time to add content. Write one 500-word article (product review or anything) for each product keyword. Articles should be keyword-rich and with focus on just one each page. Add images and useful information. Make sure to interlink your pages for better SEO and visitor engagement.

If you want to use affiliate links or sell Amazon products, add links in the first p- If your wondering what to write about why not write it in a product review fashion?ara of your article. You can ad more links later in the article. You should also provide a link at the end of the article.

For ads, it is essential to have them displayed properly. Insert Google ads just below the title with text wrapped around it. As the ad will be within the content area, your website visitors will not be able to ignore it.

Place the second ad somewhere around the centre of the article. The third block can be at the end of the article. The exact location can be decided after experimenting with different ones.

If you are using an HTML website, you can paste the code directly in the desired location. In case of WordPress, you will have to use some advertisement plugin to insert advertisements automatically at the beginning and end of article, and with help of shortcodes inside the body of the article content.