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Thread: Make money online tips

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    Default Make money online tips

    How AdSense Helps You To Make Money Through AdSense

    Many school students, parents, are making thousands of dollars through AdSense. As Google has really gave a lot of help to unemployed people to make money through AdSense. So AdSense is a great way for all the people who really want to make money through internet.

    If you think that just making an AdSense account and placing ads to your blog will help you out, then you are wrong. There are few efforts that you have to take before you know the fact of how to make money through AdSense.

    We are here to help you out to know the way to make money through AdSense. So let’s start here:

    1. Go through AdSense Checklist

    Keep in mind that you go through all the points of Google AdSense. It is really important to know the basic points of AdSense.

    2. Know about AdSense Webinars

    Google AdSense Webinars are the Google AdSense team that looks after all the aspects for the bloggers. They look after some aspects for your blogs. Let’s see what things they look after to pay you as per ads.

    3.Traffic at your website:

    To increase the earning for your website through AdSense the most important factor is the traffic at your blog. So to get traffic you need to get better backlinks. Just remember that you get better high quality backlinks. To do that you need to do the basic SEO practice.

    4.Ads Placement:

    This is really important factor. It is important for every blogger to know the perfect and numbers of Ads you place at your blogs. Remember that whenever you place ads in the blog, it should be placed in a proper place and in proper amount. It is not like as you place number ads the more you get.

    The pay that you get for ads is according the clicks and the time the visitor has spent at your blog. Therefore it is important to place few ads in a proper manner and amount.

    These are the few things that you need to remember whenever you are planning to make money through AdSense.

    Make money online tips,Earn Online Money , Great Tips to Make Money Online

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    Default Tips to Make More Money from Your Blog

    The day your blog start getting hundred or even fifty hits even from search engines, you will start looking on internet to find ways that can help you make money from your blog. Internet is flooded with thousands of money making programs that are claiming to be helping you earn decent amount of earn money very quickly. No doubt, some of them will be legit ways to make money from a website or blog, but most of them are just scrap and you need to avoid such fraud money making programs or websites. With today’s guest post, I’m sharing 10 tips that will really help you earn lots of cash from your blog:

    Make More money By Google Adsense Kind of Advertising Networks

    The first thing that comes to our mind whenever we think about making money online from a website and blog is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a pay per click advertising network owned by Google. You need to sign up as a publisher before start showing Google Adsense Ads on your blog. And in case you are unable to get approval from Google Adsense team, here is a list of Google Adsense Alternative that you can use to gain the money making opportunity you were losing due to Google Adsense publisher rejection.

    Selling Banners Ads through Banner Advertising Networks to earn money

    Next thing you can do is sign up for leading banner advertising networks on internet. The most popular network for banner ads buying and selling is (BSA) website will approve your website into their online marketplace if they meet their specific criteria’s. They used to charge 25% of your total earnings that you made through them to showcase your blog listing into their marketplace. We can sell banners of different size, text links and sponsored tweets through BSA network.

    Selling Direct Advertisements can increase your blog money

    If you have a blog with some online reputation, you can try selling different kind of advertisements directly on your blog. For doing this, you need to create an advertising page on your blog and you need to mention all advertising options and the kind of traffic your blog receive on that page. Presence of advertising page on your blog will help potential buyer kind solutions to the kind of questions they have in general when they approach a website owner or blogger for advertising.

    Doing Paid Reviews can be helpful to earn money on internet

    No doubt you can offer paid reviews to advertisers as an advertising option to advertisers who approach you for advertising on your blog. And in case you are finding it hard to get enough paid reviews option on your blog, you can go for Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe kind of paid review websites. Such websites will share 50:50 revenue with you for each task that you complete for their advertisers.
    A Useful idea to make money online by Selling Text Link Ads

    You can use (TLA) kind of text link buying and selling marketplace to sell text links on your blog. Text links are sold on monthly basis with TLA network. And they keep the 50% of your earnings as their fee for each text link sold on your blog. With LTA kind of text link networks, there will be some advertisers who will be approaching you directly for placing a text link in your blog sidebar or some specific pages in exchange for some cash or gift.

    Doing Affiliate Marketing to gain extra money

    If you have a blog created around specific niche, services or products, you can earn good amount of money from affiliate websites. With some blogs, we have noticed they are making much more with affiliate networks then they were able to make while showing Google Adsense Ads on their blogs. Some popular websites that provide affiliate promotion facility are ClickBank, Amazon, LinkShare and Commission Junction.
    Make Money Own Selling Product or Services

    It can be a real money maker if you can create a product of your own and sell that through your blog. If your product is fulfilling the needs of even small portion of internet users, there is every chance you can make big money with your blog. And if you are good at providing certain kind of services, start promoting that through your blog. I have noticed lots of bloggers in blogging niche are making thousands of dollars every month for small scale services like Blogger to WordPress Migration, WordPress Theme Customization, and WordPress SEO Services etc.

    Using In Text Advertising Networks -A Perfect alternative to Google adsense money

    You can make some dollars every month from your blog selling in-text advertising on your blog. Two in-text advertising networks I’m aware about are InfoLinks and Kontera. If you have blog that generates majority of traffic from US, you can make good amount of money with these in-text advertising networks. Websites or blogs carrying majority of traffic from India don’t seem to be getting much success with InfoLinks kind of advertising websites.

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    Default Make money online with affiliate programs

    After the recent unfortunate recession, a large number of individuals are experiencing various financial hardships like job loss, wage reduction, and underemployment, and are thus looking for a way to earn extra cash. In the era of web technology, there are many sources of income online, one being affiliate marketing or affiliate program. Affiliate marketer can earn considerable and quick money through affilate program provided he/she is placed on a dedicated website that focuses on a particular item or theme that is kept current with fresh content regularly.

    Here let us take a close look at how to earn money online with affiliate programs.

    Go online and sign up for an affiliate program with the vendor of your choice. While doing so, follow the instructions given in the affiliate program link at the bottom of the web page.

    After signing up an account, decide the kind of product you would like to offer to your visitors and a particular theme you will focus on.

    For more innovative ideas about the theme, you may do some research work. Once you find the theme of your choice, create a web content to make a website with a great deal of information. Make sure, the information you provide serves interest of the average buyer who look for various products and services. Try to write an error free content and check the spelling and grammar of the information carefully. The information should be unique and not copied from any other site.

    The website needs to be attractive so that it can gain attention of the viewers. Take some high-quality photos of the product, or of a landscape, or something that you feel can make the backdrop of the website look good. Then add it to the site.

    Place a small number of affiliate links on the website in locations that do not detract people from valuable information and from the nature of the site. If possible, link to the keywords within the text.

    Keep your site updated. Try to post articles regularly that explore different aspects of your product and theme, and have a few well-placed affiliate links.

    Use a pay-per-click advertising campaign and give a catchy domain name to the site. This will help you draw attention of the visitors to the site.

    Thus in conclusion, if you are looking for a way to earn money online, go for affiliate program. Follow the above mentioned tips and earn considerable amount every month.

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    Default Three Ways to Make Money Online Through Google AdSense

    I'm sure most of you know what Google AdSense is all about by now. For those who don't, here's a primer: AdSense is a program that you can sign up on to allow Google to place advertising on your website. The ads are less intrusive than most other advertising programs and are often relevant to the content of the website. You earn money based on the number of visitors to your site. More visitors = more potential customers.

    But, where can we put the advertisements? Here are three kinds of sites that are sure to make the most out of the program.

    1. Community Websites

    These include Social Networking sites such as Friendster and Myspace, as well as portals that cater to the interests of a specific community like Newgrounds. These sites tend to generate high traffic from users who drop in multiple times daily to check for updates, as well as those who publish on blogs and articles.

    2. Forums

    Message boards are another high-traffic kind of site. Forums like receive thousands of hits daily. Sometimes, forums, due to the sheer amount of information in them, develop into Community Portals. An example of this would be Due to their nature, these sites tend to require more work and tending to attract membership and promote growth.

    3. Niche-interest Websites

    Sites that cater to the Aquarium or Gardening community are examples of this kind of website. They're usually frequented by a relatively small but loyal number of visitors.

    You typically need to keep updating the site with good articles that' keyword-rich and search engine friendly to increase membership.

    Take your time building your websites and Google AdSense can guarantee you a lifetime of income.

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    Default Easy Ways to Make Money Online

    Internet users are growing rapidly in the world.More and more people are interested to make money online.There are number of websites that claim to give tricks to earn money online.But most of them are scam and provide a ebook with some tricky methods that are not easy to done.So again big question id how to earn money online ? Is there any easy way to earn online ?Answer is Yes.You can earn money as much you want.There is no limit on earning of money that you can make from Internet.Here I have provided some proven method to make money online.I have tested personally some of these methods and have seen good results.You can also try these methods and earn easy money online.

    Below are 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online :-

    1) BLOG

    This is the most commonly used and told method to earn money online.To earn money you just need to create a blog and place ads on it.The key is your content should be unique and of good quality.Unique and quality content will automatically drive traffic.You just submit your blog to google and you are done.You can place ads provided by google adsense, adbrite, traffic revenue , infolink etc.
    There are many more websites which provide ads for your blog or website.I have tried adsense and traffic revenue and they provide good and timely money.

    Free blog service is provided by many websites but I will recommend blogger and wordpress.These are world's biggest free blog service provider websites.

    2) Odesk

    If you are actually interested in full time online work than I will recommend you to join Odesk.
    Odesk is a website that provides work online worldwide.You can register your account for free.Here you can get data entry work,administration of websites and many other programming work.You can choose as per your skills.Odesk gives payment guarantee for the work done through odesk.You can also post your work and get it done from skilled contractor.Here is a link to register a account on ODESK .

    3) Online Surveys (Prooved Money and free registration)

    There are many websites which provide online surveys.Many of them are fake and ask you to deposit money.I am mentioning here a website which provides free registration and actually send you money.I have account on this site and you can also earn big with this site .Site for online surveys is A.W.Surveys.

    Register a free account there and earn money for your opinion.It really works.

    4) Elance

    Elance is another online job providing website.Unlike odesk, elance doesn't guarantee money for the work done.It is world's one of largest online job providing website.It has option to register a free and paid account as well.In paid account you get more chance to apply on work.Check out Elance for more detail.

    5) View Ads

    You can earn online by just viewing and clicking ads.There are many websites which provide this service but payout for viewing and clicking ads is low.So you can take it as a part time .Here is a one site Viewbestads which gives money for viewing and clicking ads.

    6) File Upload

    Recently I came across a new method of earning good money online.This method requires to create a account on have to upload files and whenever someone downloads a file ,than you get money.You can earn 40 cents to 60 cents per download.They are providing a tool which helps to increase your download number.So you can earn bu uploading a file and spreading the download link of your file.

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    Default Make Money With an Online Auction Site

    Online auction sites like eBay get a lot of buzz. Many people love buying from online auction sites because they’re great places to find items at a good price, especially unique items, and the idea of a little bit of competition certainly spices things up. They’re also very popular for sellers. It gives sellers an opportunity to advertise their items to buyers all over the world and get cash for them. If you’re interested in trying to sell some items with an online auction site, it’s certainly worth the consideration. It does take some work, though, and you have to be willing to put in the effort if you hope to get the reward. Here are some tips for how you can make money with an online auction site.

    Choose the Right Site

    There are lots of online auction sites, and which one you choose will play a huge part in your potential success. You should choose a site that gets a lot of traffic. Also, look into the commission policy the site has. Most websites, eBay included, will take a cut of your selling price for every item you sell. Go with a website that charges less. If you’re selling a niche item, look for auction sites that specialize in the type of item you’re selling.

    Do Your Research

    If you have specific items you want to sell, do a lot of research concerning their true value. And check out what similar items are listed for on the site you’re using. It’s important to put a good price on your item or no one will bid on it. Start low, and this will encourage bidders. If you price your item even just slightly lower than similar ones, interested buyers will go to you instead.

    Sell Everything

    The more things you sell, the more money you’ll make, so don’t be afraid to list any item you don’t want anymore. You never know who may be interested, and a profit is a profit no matter how small. Antique items and collectibles are especially popular on auction sites, so consider unloading the things you’ve been saving since childhood or cleaning out the attic.

    Get Rated

    Selling a large volume of items will expose you to lots of buyers. Every time someone purchases something from you, ask them to rate you as a seller. They’ll be able to give you a rating or write a review of your services. If you’re considered a reputable seller who accurately describes products and sends them quickly, interested buyers will feel better about purchasing from you.

    Concentrate on the Description

    The way you describe the items you want to sell is incredibly important. You have to convince interested buyers that your item is worth their money. Provide as thorough a description of the item as possible, and be honest about its condition. Share as much information as you can about the item and its background. It’s also very important to include photographs. Post more than one photo, photos from all angles, and make sure they’re clear.

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    Default Make Money with HubPages

    The whole idea of HubPages is becoming more popular today. It has risen in the same manner in which the popularity of several other free websites has. Many individuals are taking advantage of the popularity of and they are carting off huge amounts of money on a daily basis.

    You too can give it a trial and you will be able to earn as much as you desire within a rather short period of time. Through this write up, your eyes will be opened to several of the opportunities that are abounding in HubPages and how you can make money with HubPages.

    What is HubPages?

    HubPages is a free website. You must have heard of BlogSpot and some other free websites like that. HubPages is one of them and gives you a great opportunity to make money without even paying a dime for web hosting. The websites are also already designed and this means that you will never need to spend a huge amount on website designing at all.

    How to make money with HubPages?

    There are several ways by which you can successfully make money with HubPages. Some of them will be discussed in this write up.

    Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and successful ways to make money on HubPages. All you need to do is register as an affiliate of several products. Once you have registered, you will be given private codes. Through the private code, you will be able to make sales or advertise free products.

    Anytime you make a sale or someone clicks on the link you are provided with, your account will be credited through the special code embedded in the links.

    You can decide where to place the link you are given by the sites you are affiliated with on your HubPage. If anyone visits your HubPage and clicks on the link, you will be paid.

    In case the person makes some purchases through the said link, you will end up making more money.

    You can make quite a lot of money from your HubPage by joining Amazon, eBay or ClickBank as an affiliate. All you need to do is to advertise products from any of the three sites on your HubPage.

    Once people visit the sites through the affiliate link and purchase the products you have written about on your HubPage, your account will be credited by Amazon, ClickBank or eBay.

    AdSense : Adverts can also be placed on your HubPage by AdSense. You will need to register for AdSense adverts before you are allowed to place such adverts on your HubPage.

    Once you are approved by Google, chosen ads depending on the content of the Hub will be placed on your HubPage. Any clicking action on the ads placed by Google will get your account credited. This has proved to be a reliable way to make money on HubPages.

    Write for the site: You can also make money in HubPages by writing for the site. If you have a flair for writing, one of the best places where you can turn your gift to real cool money is HubPages. You are paid for the writings you submit on the site.

    Advantages of HubPages

    The site is free. You will never have to pay a dime to get the free website. You will never have to pay for web hosting or website design. You will also be able to place adverts on the HubPage free of charges.

    HubPage is also easy to set up. This is one of the factors that make it very easy to make money with HubPages. You will not have to go through long and boring registration process before you are able to get registered.

    Disadvantages of HubPages

    While HubPage can be said to be a haven of sort, it had also been discovered to have its own measure of disadvantages.

    HubPages does not give you one hundred percent of the profit you make; you are only allowed access to sixty percent of your total income.

    HubPages keeps the remaining forty percent. By the time you compare this to building your website by yourself and pay for your own web hosting, the later may be more profitable.

    Those who use HubPages may also not be able to dictate the tone on how they want their websites to look. You have only limited access to the design on the webpage. You can only make use of HubPage templates and nothing more.

    No one can really say if HubPages will disappear in the same manner in which other such sites have disappeared in the past. If this happens, any one with a site on HubPages will be in deep trouble.

    The writer’s earnings may also disappear along with HubPage. The same thing goes for articles, links and other info on the HubPage.

    When you try to make money with HubPages, you will come across various limitations on the number of methods through which you can make money.

    There are only four available options. This is a considerable limitation that will not allow you to maximize your potentials on HubPages.

    HubPage does not give access to some affiliate sites. This means that you will not be able to place ads from the restricted affiliate sites on your HubPage. Any possibility of making money from such money spinning sites will then be cut off.

    Over expectation is dangerous. It is never in your best interest to expect too much from HubPages. If you do, you may end up being disappointed.

    Be careful about the kind of stories you read about people making millions on HubPage. They may not actually be making as much as they claim. This is one of the primary reasons why online income earners always focus on the need to create multiple sources of income.

    While creating multiple income sources undoubtedly requires time, it is worth the effort and trouble.

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    Default Make Money With Squidoo

    Squidoo is a content website where subscribers create one page “lenses” about any topic they choose.

    You can make money with Squidoo and if you stick at it the rewards can be quite good.

    The beauty of this site is that it has good traffic and an active, supportive community and the pages are frequently spidered by search engine.

    There was a time when Goggle appeared to downgrade search engine listings for lenses however that seems to be reducing now, so if you have an old lense there it might be a good time to dust it off.

    So how do people make money on squidoo ?

    Well you just go to the site, register then follow the instructions for creating your content.

    Registration is free and there are a number of plugins for affiliate programs built into the squidoo system.

    You can then promote your lens like any other webpage and if it gets a good ranking from the community it will attract a fair amount of traffic from the Squidoo community iteslf.

    There is also at least one place where you can have a lens built profressionally built for you.

    Potential earnings are difficult to determine however see the first three links below which will give an idea of potential. If your very good, $1000 per day is achievable.

    To get an idea of what pages get the best traffic at Squidoo check out the top 100 lenses by traffic.

    There is a wealth of help material on the site and a quick Google will find many very useful sites which share their Squidoo knowledge.

    This is one very good way to make a start with internet marketing if you wish to build an affiliate based business.
    Join Squidoo!

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    Default Make money from your mobile phone.

    Mobile phones can earn money for you. Till today you were thinking about the monthly bills you have to settle to use your cell phones. Now you have a unique opportunity to make money with your mobile phones. This service is available only to Indians as of Now. Cell phone users from India now can make money from the mobile ads or cell phone ads sent by service providers to your phones. You can get ads by sms and make money for reading them.

    You can also send free sms to your friends and relatives from these sites. Don't you think it is fun. It is one of the pleasant offers to have hit the internet. Remember the opportunity to make money is limited but you have a tremendous potential to make money once these services become popular. These service providers are in the process of finding a foot hold and there are already members making 5000 to 10000 rupees per month. They also provide free sms logos ringtones etc to their users. These free web to text sms or freesms This opportunity is god send for teens. There are not many waysfor teens to make money on internet. But this is one opportunity teens can excel and make use of.

    Like other online money making programs, this program also works more with referrals. more referrals you bring more money you make. You can invite your friends, relatives and social network friends like face book and myspace to join this unique service.


    M Ginger is a young company with nearly a million subscribers going strongly on a new membership drive.You make nearly 20 paise per an sms read and the referral chain goes deep too. Referral chain going deep means you will also get paid every time your referral and their referral get a paid sms too. So join as a member, Start referring, build a network of referrals and earn handsomely too.



    Just tried a very popular network called YouMint and it looks amazing!

    Invite Friends and get them to invite theirs. Mint Money! (Rs. 110 for 20 friends)
    Choose to receive relevant SMS Promos. Mint even more money! (Approx Rs. 650 a month)
    Send Free SMS to anyone in India!

    YouMint is backed by international investors of great fame and the same guys who started the mobile short code revolution in India!



    Here ishow admad works
    Get 20 paise for each SMS you receive.
    Get 15 paise for each SMS your friends receive.
    Get 10 paise for each SMS their friends receive.


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    Default make money from youtube

    YouTube is probably one of the most popular services online. But, how do you incorporate its use in helping you to make money online?

    1. Add Premium Partners’ Videos on Your Blog or Site. If you have an Adsense account, log in and get the code for ‘video units’. You can create a YouTube Video Player and customise it according to various categories, key words, and content providers.

    Run affiliate ads on YouTube videos. Chris on Making Money Scoop has some tips on how to do this using various tools.

    3. Provide regular quality video content. Perhaps, you can become a ‘premium’ publisher and Google will split ad revenues with you.

    4. Start a video blog or site that features various YouTube content. These blogs and sites can be anything from cute animal videos to craft tutorials. Then, run relevant ads and affiliate programmes on your blog or site.

    5. Accept direct ads on your YouTube content. If you upload your own videos on a regular basis and you have a decent following, you might want to accept ads on your videos.

    6. Enrich your sales using YouTube videos. If you sell an item on an online shop and you are able to compliment your listings with YouTube videos, then it will be useful. Also, you can link to your sales page on your YouTube. This might help bring video viewers to visit your sales page.

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