Katy Perry is known for love of candy canes and all things sweet, but in her latest photoshoot it’s the singer who looks good enough to eat. And the 27-year-old has extended her love of candy into a crown for a new cover of her hit album Teenage Dreams: The Complete Confection.
As the album has already plummeted Perry into the record books with five number one singles it is no surprise the Kissed A Girl singer is looking for ways to splash the cash.
Katy was pictured taking the rather plain Maserati out for test drive in Los Angeles. Perhaps the singer wanted something which always matched whatever colour hair Perry decided to have that week.
According to the Daily Mail report, the Complete Confection, which will be released in March, contains leftover songs by OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder which didn’t make the original album.
Tedder has written several hits for Perry and even co-penned Leona Lewis’ famous Bleeding Love song.
On writing with Perry, Tedder said: ‘I have three songs that I think are dead-on, incredible songs for her that are just started, they’re ideas that I want to finish with her.
‘The stuff that I’m doing for her, it connects to the first album, one song is, like, the evolution of ‘Hot N Cold’, that kind of thing. The next step from that. The other two literally sound like something you would hear in the mid-’90s at a roller-rink skating party – like, a birthday party at a skating rink.
‘I would describe it as guilty-pleasure music, straight up. I’ve had the melodies and the choruses in these songs stuck in my head for, like, a week. So I feel really good about it, and Katy, I hope you like it.’
When the song Last Friday Night hit number one fifth Perry joined music legend Michael Jackson in having at least five number one singles from an album in the 53-year history of the charts.

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