Critical of Mahendra Singh Dhoni's rotation policy, former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly says time has come for the selectors to appoint different cricket captains for the three formats of game.

"Time has come for the selectors to decide three captains for three formats. At the moment there is too much cricket, too many formats," Ganguly said.

Ganguly also reacted sharply to Dhoni's recent comment that senior players such as Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag are being rotated to ensure good fielding standards.

"You will never get a team where all the 11 are outstanding fielders. Even Australia don't have 11 outstanding fielders. Fielding is very very important but it is also about scoring runs in very very tough conditions", he told a news channel.

"And I feel Dhoni has to balance that. He just can't jump and say these guys can't field so they are being rotated. If a guy who can field averages 15 on the tour, what sense does it make? We have to find a way to balance players and make a team," he reasoned.

Ganguly said Dhoni also has to stop backing players for too long if they don't give results.

"I agree that every captain will feel that this player is more talented than the other. That's going to happen in future again. The point is he is too stuck on someone for too long because of his mindset," he said.

"I agree (Suresh) Raina has to go but the problem with Dhoni is that he is thinking too far ahead, the 2015 World Cup.

"And I bet if Raina doesn't improve his technique then he is going to struggle in the 2015 World Cup in Australia. People are going to bounce him out. Nobody is going to pitch the ball up to him. The selectors will have to look at young players who can perform," he added.

Ganguly said that Tendulkar needs to "ask himself whether he is good enough to play ODI cricket day in and day out" as the senior batsman has scored only 90 runs in five ODIs so far.

"Sachin has to ask himself whether he is good enough to play one-day cricket day in and day out; whether it's helping him missing tournaments and playing a one-day series after 8-9 months; whether it's helping him as a one-day player or if it's helping Indian cricket as a one-day team. If Sachin can't get an answer to these questions, he has to go," he said.

Ganguly also added that "Sachin needs to ask himself whether he can play in 2015 World Cup."

The former India captain also felt that Tendulkar's decision to pick and choose ODI tournaments is affecting the team's rhythm.

"Because it affects everyone's form if Tendulkar keeps coming in and going out of one-day tournaments. He needs to ask himself if he can go on like this; if he is fit enough to play ODIs regularly. If he cannot answer these questions, he should go out of one-day cricket and just play in Tests."

However Ganguly felt that it was Tendulkar's prerogative to decide on his retirement date.

"I think Sachin Tendulkar deserves to decide on his own if and when to leave international cricket or one-day cricket. No body has contributed more to Indian cricket than Tendulkar. I don't think the selectors have got the right to ask him to go."

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