The shooting of Mayamohini, directed by Jose Thomas and starring Dileep as the male lead has begun in Kochi.

Dileep dons the role of a woman in Mayamohini. Two costume designers from Mumbai and Chennai arrived to do makeup for Dileep. P. Sukumar and Madhu Warrier are producing the film. Screenplay is penned by Uday-Sibi team.

Story of Mayamohini revolves around an ancestral home called Vadakedathu tharavad. Appumama is now the karanavar of the house. He is a bachelor and lives for the well being of his cousin Bala Krishnan. Bala Krishnan is too innocent. Lakshmi Narayanan, an advocate, who is ten years elder to him is his only friend. Lakshmi Narayanan encourages him to start a business. But astrologers predicted that Bala Krisnan's field is not business. His business began to shatter one by one.

In the film Mayamohini, An astrologer says that if Bala Krishnan marries a woman born with Chothi nakshatram (star), he will do well in life. Both Lakshmi Narayanan and Bala Krishnan set off in search of a woman born with with Chothi nakshatram.

After a lot of effort, eventually, they meet a beautiful woman named Mayamohini as predicted by the astrologer. Biju Menon dons the role of Bala Krishnan and Babu Raj essays the role of Lakshmi Narayanan.

Dileep plays Mohini. Maidhili and Lakshmi Rai are the heroines. Vijaya Raghavan plays the role of Appumama. Kala Bhavan Sha John, Kochu Preman, Unni Krishnan Namboothiri, Madhu Warrier, Mohan Sharma, Santhosh, Balachandran Chullikad are supporting them. Berny Ignatius has tuned the music for the lyrics penned by Vayalar Saratchandra Varma.

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