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    Mohanlal naran is an excellent movie, though the there was no story the presentations was excellent. The business is doing extra ordinary business in kerala,bangalore and madras. in bangalore and madras there was no ticket available for the next week. The four days collection was a whopping 1.5 crore. The trade declared the film is hit,just waiting how big it is.The big success of naran made IPS AND chandupottu going to the back seet,as both films are doing good business now it started sliding after the success of Naran.The nerariyan cbi also not very impressive because of the repetation,and the word of mouth also not good.Trade says from monday onwards the collection start sliding.The trade declares onam winner is Naran waiting how big it is.

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    I have to say I was a bit dissapointed with the movie. I went to see it after I heard it was doing great in Kerala, but I guess I had my hopes too high. The story just wasn't there, it just didn't lead to with interest.

    And the songs weren't all that good either. The part where it says "Nan oru Naran" and then the "Minnadi Minnadi" songs are the only parts of all the songs that were any good.

    I'm a huge MohanLal fan, but I do have to say that the movie left some to be desired. He either needs to act like in RavanaPhrabu or Narasimham or go back to the roles that made him a superstar, the funny roles.

    I gotta say movies such as "Thenmavin Kombathu", "Naddodikattu", "Sanmansku oluru Samathannam", "Minnaram", "Killukum", "Udayon anu Tharrum", and roles like that are what he is best suited for.

    He is an unbelievable actor, but I have to say I like him doing funny roles much rather than I like him doing the superman roles like he does nowadays.


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