Bitdefender has consistently performed considerably better than many of its competitors on virus detection and removal tests. Additionally, Bitdefender is often first to market with important new features - such as the first to add a firewall or behavioral-based protection to supplement traditional signature scanning. Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 continues the tradition of firsts, offering social networking protection for Twitter and Facebook as well as incremental background scanning for enhanced system performance.

The ability to detect and remove malware is, of course, the most important feature in any antivirus product. Bitdefender has performed consistently well in this regard. As an example, in a 22-product test performed by in the second quarter of 2011, Bitdefender Internet Security Suite scored a perfect 6.0 for protection, and a near-perfect 5.5 for repair and usability. These remarkable test scores are not a first for Bitdefender, which has routinely scored among the highest in historical virus scanner tests.

Bolstering its protective capabilities, in addition to traditional signature-based scanning, Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2012 features behavior-based protection , an antispam filter, privacy and parental controls, a two-way firewall, and an autopilot mode ideal for gaming, presentations, or uninterrupted work.

SERPs Protection
It doesn't matter which search engine you use, Web searches can be poisoned to include malicious links and redirects, and compromised websites can also appear in search engine results pages . Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2012 includes an improved version of SERPs protection to guard against search engine poisoning in Google or Bing searches.

Social Networking Protection
Fraudulent links and other forms of social networking scams are frequently used by attackers to deliver malware or trick recipients into engaging in risky behavior ( Eg:- likejacking in Facebook or downloading scareware from Twitter feeds). To guard against this malicious delivery vector, Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 is the first to provide social networking protection to guard against social networking threats in Twitter and Facebook. Links posted to your Facebook wall and Twitter feed will be scanned in-the-cloud for malicious content, helping to keep you safe from malware and scams. Additionally, an on-demand scan of your Facebook settings alerts you to possible privacy concerns that may result from unexpected Facebook changes or improper configuration.

Incremental Scanning
As operating systems and hard drive capacity have increased, so has the time it takes to scan a computer. Bitdefender solves the problem of hours-long scans by incrementally scanning in the background during times of low system use. This feature alleviates the need to spend hours away from your computer while your scanner checks for malware. Coupled with Bitdefender's autopilot mode which can make protective decisions on your behalf, Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2012 ensures you get to use your computer without interruption. In a similar vein, parental and privacy controls ensure the computer is used within the parameters you specify and sensitive data is not inadvertently leaked.

Pricing and Support
Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2012 supports Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 3) (32 bit), Microsoft Vista (Service Pack 2), and Microsoft Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) with at least 1 GB of memory and 1.8 GB free hard drive space. A range of browsers, instant messaging, and email clients are supported. Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2012 retails for $49.95 for one PC for one year, or $69.95 for up to 3 PCs for one year. Graduated prices for larger numbers of users are also available.

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