Well, we have been working on the game life-22, Z4 Interactive Inc has been working with Sem-Tek Corperation for over 5 months, and now we need modelers for the game.

This is a great oppertunity for getting you "name" out there, get your self known, and learn how to work in a "relaxed" work enviroment.

We are looking for people who can "DONATE" their time, as long as what we ask for gets done, it's fine. Ushally we'll let you think of what YOU want to model, as long as it's on topic. But we do need alot of help here.

If you DONATE, you will recive special noteification on the game, when it comes "public", you will also get FREE programs, and recources from http://www.z4ii.tk

We are looking for any type of modelers, tallanted or not, we can always ansawer questions you may have, and we can ALWAYS help you! If you'd like to help, you can by sending me an email privately. [email protected]

If you need help learning how to model, or help with your modeling, you can always go to http://www.gmaxforum.com and ask your questions there.

as we have no reall modelers in the Z4II team, we hope to get some soon. Sem-tek has a few, includeing me, but we are ALL donateing our time here, and hope to have others follow our example. If you like to model, and have free time, also want a "special" status on an ONLINE RPG, this would be ideal for you!

So once again, email me "[email protected]" and i'll get back to you ASAP! all that i need in this email, is some type of example of your work, you name, and age. - None of this information will EVER be released.

Thank you for atleast reading this topic.


Note: As mentioned above, in the topic, (subject) "gmax, (3ds max -1)"

Descrete, dosent like us calling G-max G-max, they say that it is "3ds max -1" We find that kinda funny as everyone we know calls it Gmax.