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Thread: Mammooty-Mohanlal in a new film!

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    Default Mammooty-Mohanlal in a new film!

    Yet again Mohanlal and Mammooty are reuniting for a new film!

    The last time they had worked together was for the film 'Harikrishnas' as Hari and Krishna. This time, the credit for bringing them together goes to Shafi. The film 'Thommanum Makkalum' has both these superstars playing the sons of Innocent.

    This time too, the director promises to have equally important roles for both Mohanlal and Mammooty. They aren't going to bring a heroine from Bollywood this time. Nayantara is going to play the heroine. This is her first film with Mammooty.

    Lal Creations is producing the film and Shafi become the third director who gets the opportunity to direct the superstars together in one film. The others were Joshi and Fazil.

    Mammooty, Mohanlal and Innocent - sounds more like an AMMA meeting.
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    how true is this one!

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    This is a wrong information. Mamooty and Lal (director) are acting in Thomanum Makkalum

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    Default Dont Be fooled

    When he heard lal, the poor fellow thought Mohanlal, hi it is the lal in siddiquelal. Think twice before u act man. A discussion is in progress where the two superstars are to be acting in a film. Meanwhile Mohanlal is doing the role of Sanjeev Kumar in the remake of Sholay, and the great Amithab Bhachan the Gubbersingh.


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