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Thread: Dileep’s `Vettam` runs into trouble

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    Default Dileep’s `Vettam` runs into trouble

    Dileep’s Priyadarshan directed Vettam may not see the light of the day! It’s producer Suresh Kumar is in deep financial mess as he has borrowed money from various sources and his previous films like Katha and Seeta Kalyanam are yet to be released!

    An Ernakulam court has ordered a stay on Vettam unless Suresh pays the due to Shenoys Cinemax to the tune of Rs 64 Lakhs. Dhanya theatre in Trivandrum had also advanced Rs 50 Lakhs to the producer on condition that the film would be screened at their chain of theatres in Quilon and Changanacherry.

    This was not palatable for ‘Swargachitra’ Appachan , the distributor of Vetam who has arrangements with rival theatres. Added to that Suresh Kumar has not paid Dileep and other technicians their salaries. Suresh’s liabilities are said to be over Rs 2 Crore!

    And now the big question is whether “Swargachitra” will be able to release the film for Onam or will they wash their hands off the project?
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    better the film was not released entammo enthour kathi

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    mceit2005 I definitely agree with you.


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