Ben denies cheating rumors, Courtney claims Ben ‘abandoned’ her and that she doesn’t even know if they’re still a couple anymore! So, did Chris Harrison’s public couple therapy session bring the two back together? Read on to find out… It’s official: Courtney Robertson is the winner of The Bachelor. On the March 12 season finale, Ben proposed to the most hated woman in America on a mountaintop in Switzerland. And just as we suspected — this did not end up being the fairy tale they had hoped for.
The Bachelor After The Final Rose opened up with a teary-eyed Ben Flajnik revealing that when him and his fiancee Courtney were forced to be apart while the show aired on national TV — they broke up! Surprise, surprise!
“We were essentially broken up. We had a talk and decided it’s not healthy with all this negative energy,” Ben told host Chris Harrison, really talking about the negative press surrounding Courtney’s evilness in the house. “It became too much, so much that I just cracked. There were a few weeks where we took a couple steps back and reassessed our relationship.”
But the big question on everybody’s mind was if Ben cheated on Courtney in those “few” weeks they were apart? Photos and new reports claimed Bachelor Ben was engaging in one-night stands and even picking girls up at bars — there were even photos to prove it!
But Ben gave Chris a firm “no!” He said those pictures were from a long time ago and the girls he was spotted out with were just “friends from San Francisco.” Hmm. You know what they say, Ben, a picture is worth a thousand words! And those pictures — lip locking and all — did not look like these ladies were “just friends.”
Moving forward, Ben left the hot seat and Courtney was up next. Courtney revealed the breakup happened around the most romantic day of the year — Valentine’s Day — and that Ben didn’t even send her flowers. So sad.
“We were so happy together and then it was like a big storm rolled in,” Courtney told Chris. “This happened right near Valentine’s Day. He didn’t send flowers, a card or anything…I was so heartbroken.”
The model went on and confessed that she felt abandoned when the press was attacking her and Ben did nothing, not even in private, to console her. I can see her side on that one. As former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert later pointed out (spoiler alert) when the press was harsh on Ashley — J.P. never abandoned her!
But then Chris asked Courtney the biggest question of the night: are you and Ben still a couple?
Courtney’s eyes filled with tears as she honestly revealed: “I don’t know.”
“I really don’t know,” Courtney cried to Chris. “I love him. I’m not ready to turn my back on him. I’m hopeful.”
She also admitted that there was A LOT they needed to talk about — probably when the cameras aren’t rolling.
After her emotional confession she was reunited with Ben for the first time since the season began in January. They awkwardly kissed hello, but tension was high.
Chris tortured the couple by replaying their engagement and then asked them if that was what they still wanted? An engagement?
“Yes it is, I very much want her and to have this again,” Ben said. But Courtney said she’s hesitant and has her doubts, but Ben still gives her an engagement ring — for the SECOND time!
And if Ben couldn’t take anymore stabs at his heart for the evening, the woman who it all began with, Ashley Hebert, takes the stage with the man, JP Rosenbaum, who she dumped Ben for.
Oy! Talk about awkward! So let’s recap: Ben proposes to Courtney, Ben dumps Courtney, Ben denies cheating on Courtney and then Ben proposes to Courtney for the second time — Courtney of course says “yes.”
As much as I’ve been anti-Courtney this ENTIRE season, I have to admit I’m equally as repulsed by Ben now. If he really loved Courtney, he would have stuck by her side even in her darkest moments on TV. I don’t know why Courtney even wants to be with a man who supposedly “abandoned” her! The best thing that could have happened would have been if Courtney said no to his second proposal.
What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you believe Ben stayed loyal to Courtney during their break-up? Do you think she should have said “yes” to his second proposal? Vote and weigh in below.

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