If anyone is carefully watching world politics these days one thing you will definitely notice is the growing relationship between India and the United States. I don't understand why all of a sudden US started being nice to India. One example I would like to mention is co-operation in Nuclear Technology which America never gives away to anyone. Another noteworthy example can be the sale of advanced defense equipment to India.

One thing I reckon for this could be a possible threat from military power house China. A future war between Taiwan and China is inevitable. America supports Taiwan and also it doesn't have a military base anywhere near China. If US can get a military base in India, which India refused till date, then it will be easy for them when a war happens between Taiwan and China. They can attack China from India. I think this could be one of the reason as a future war between China and Taiwan and China and US is inevitable. Or, is it because US plans to make India a counter weight to China?

Relations between India and China are picking up and they are going to a next level. I reckon India will not support US if a war between US and China occurs.

Any views on this topic will be appreciated.