I dont know if it's the CDrom or the CD it's self but I highly doubt it's the CD I see no signs of scratches or anything.

This CD used to work on this exact CD-Rom drive. That was a couple of years/ months ago and now the CD doesn't want to run (autorun). I dont know what it could be so I'm coming for help and see what I can get from the site. . . but on the other hand the drive runs Music CD's, Video CD's perfectly with autorun and everything.

Additional information:
I haven't played a game on this computer in at least 2 years if not more... so now I'm just wanting to try it again and once again having problems. I thought that the CD-Rom drive couldn't run game cd's but then I popped in another game cd that was copied and it went in perfectly auto run, but the Star craft original CD's donít want to auto run.