Actor Ajmal met with an accident during the shoot of Vetri Selvan. Ajmal and the film’s leading lady Radhika Apte were travelling in an auto on the hills of Ooty as part of the film, when the auto rammed on a median and fell stumbling down on the road. Ajmal was injured in the accident, though not severely. The shoot came to a halt for a couple of hours giving time for Ajmal to recuperate. The director had to find another auto similar to the previous one to continue with the shooting as the initial one was heavily damaged during the accident.
Commenting on the incident, Rudhran, the director of the film said, “Hadn’t it been for the median the auto would have stumbled down the hill. We were all so panic-stricken that it took us all a long time to get back from the shock. Thank god, nothing serious happened”.

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