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Thread: Actress Vindhya for Divorce

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    Default Actress Vindhya for Divorce

    Actress Vindhya of ‘Sangamam’ fame and her husband Gopala Krishnan have filed for a divorce under mutual consent at the family court of Chennai. TCS Raja Chockalingam, judge, principal family court will be present at the hearing of this case that comes under the Section 13(b) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Initially the couple filed separate petitions at the family court for a divorce. But the case was delayed. So they both have applied for a divorce under mutual consent.

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    Yet again, we have another celebrity divorce on our hands. I am starting to think that celebrities either from the showbiz or from any other circle of life are not really made for marriage. I guess it's their professional life which keeps them from completely committing to a person. Or maybe it's their celebrity status that stings their spouses. Whatever the reason you would agree that this year many celebrities have filed for divorce and many have gotten it after a long fight. Lets' home next year bring much more marital luck than this year!
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