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Thread: moving form asp to php

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    Default moving form asp to php


    I got a website some was building with CVM on asp.
    This guy is nasty and abused the lack of knowledg of my boss.
    I'm looking for a way to migrate the whole site ASAP.

    I would appriciate any help

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    Lots of bosses get drawn in to the siren that is ASP (and many microsoft products in general). Microsoft is a marketing company NOT a computer software company.

    My reccomendation is to sit down with him (or write a letter) whichever he is more comforable with and explain to him how php will cut costs and increase productivity (since you are more familiar with it)

    give examples!

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    Default that's te point!

    that's the point -
    he wants to gain control and to have more money.
    In the rediculus contract he had put the effort to write "ASP - the most advanced technology..." instead of the important stuff, like dead lines...


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