ESET Remote Administrator makes owning ESET security software products a significantly lower cost proposition. From a single ESET Remote Administrator Console, your IT administrator can quickly scan endpoints, adjust client configurations, respond to security events, update signature databases, generate reports, install and manage ESET solutions across clients and servers running Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

ESET Remote Administrator has a small footprint and is highly scalable in an N-tier management framework, makes it easy to enforce security policies from a single console, whether you have a small business or an organization with branch offices across multiple time zones. Migrating to ESET will make your business safer and save your IT organization time and money.

New benefits

Lower cost of management: Save time and eliminate rogue endpoints by synchronizing with Active Directory groups. Static and dynamic parametric groups simplify configuration, deployment, reporting and reduce response time to incidents.

Improve security posture:
Improve compliance and security posture by defining and enforcing policies across the network. Functionalities like import, export and inheritance make it easy to synchronize a wide network area.

Reduce response time:
Security is not about collecting data, but rather about separating the wheat from the chaff so IT pros can take action to mitigate risks. Remote Administrator's intuitive filtering and reporting functionalities simplify identification, monitoring and reporting problems so your IT team can quickly eliminate them.

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