She is 37. He is 32. Still Karisma Kapoor is 60 films senior to Rajniesh Duggal when it comes to their Bollywood sojourn. No wonder, her 'Dangerous Ishhq' co-star is getting a tad nostalgic as he is gearing up to be seen alongside her in the same frame.

"I still remember being in school when she had already started working in films. I have grown up on her films like 'Prem Qaidi', 'Jigar', 'Deedar', 'Anari', 'Khuddaar', 'Gopi Kishan' and 'Raja Babu'. When I was cramming through school books, she was already making it big in the industry. Now today when she is returning after a hiatus with 'Dangerous Ishq', I am obviously thrilled to be her leading man", says model turned actor Rajniesh who shot to limelight with '1920' three years back.
Known for her professionalism even in her heydays, Karisma was seldom talked about her off camera antics and was always engrossed in her numerous Bollywood antics. Has the trait continued till date?
"No, she wasn't aloof but then I would rather say that she was always on the job", says Rajniesh, "Also, what I like about her is that she doesn't spend her time in going gaga over her past. Instead she talks about things which are in present and what would entail in future. She is a pleasant personality who strikes a good balance between being an absolute professional and a comfortable co-actor."

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