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Thread: 7 Reasons Why Marriage Is Good

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    Default 7 Reasons Why Marriage Is Good

    1. Dependability

    You do not have to depend on your friend to go to a movie, cook something new or do something interesting. You have your partner ready at home to share your interests. Whether you are upset or happy, you can share it with your partner, any day, any time! There is someone whom you can depend on.

    2. Starting a family

    One of the main positives of a marriage is having/adopting children and starting a family. You have a partner who will share the wonderful experience of parenting with you. Marriage helps one build a secure, safe and a happy family.
    3. Sex Life

    Sex is easily the most important thing for any relationship to get going. A marriage allows you to be intimate with your partner without having any reservations. Physical intimation and the ability to satisfy your sexual desire with your partner does make marriage a good option, doesn’t it?

    4. Understanding

    One of the main reasons why marriage is good is that, over the years you tend to know your loved one in a better manner. Your partner will also understand your needs and demands well. The understanding you have for each other increases day by day once you are married and begin to live under the same roof.

    5. Responsibility

    Being single is easy; you have only yourself to satisfy and take care of. But after marriage, suddenly you realize that you have to grow up. Marriage makes you a mature person who can take independent decisions.

    6. Better money management

    Marriage gives you a reason to earn more and save better for your future and your family’s future. Marriage stops you from spending unnecessarily and drives you towards building a better and secure future for you and your family

    7. Quality of life

    You have a reason to live better. You can no longer eat unhealthy meals and spend several days in your pajamas. You are accountable to your partner now. You have a reason to eat healthy, be clean and live an enthusiastic life. Marriage gives you a reason to be happy everyday.

    Marriage makes it possible to fill your life with love every single day. You no longer have to search for true love or look for a person who will share a life with you.

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    I think there are a lot of steps on how to make a happy marriage. I suggest, for example, listen your partner. Yes, I know, listening is not a simple attitude, infact most people are not very good listeners. Then, I suggest to smile. If someone smile, because it would encourage a more positive feeling between you and your partner. And that makes more confortable and easyto get a girl or wife happy.
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    This article is very interesting and also knowledgeable and thanks for sharing this article with us....

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