What would you do if Shahid Kapoor asked you for a dance? You'll say yes without thinking twice! That's what the actor would have thought when he approached a foreign chick to dance with him.

But to his surprise, she turned him down. After seeing his baby face, she said she doesn't dance with kids, reported Zoom.
Well, better luck next time Shahid!
Guess, stars are not in the actor's favour of late. He recently filed a complaint against Vastavikta Pandit, who happens to be the daughter of late actor Raj Kumar, for harassing him. He claims that when he leaves his house, Vastavikta often blocks his way and sits on his car's bonnet, repeating that she is his biggest fan.
On professional front, he will be seen romancing Priyanka Chopra once again in Kunal Kohli's Teri Meri Kahaani.

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