To stop abusers, we only approve signup that have entered

1. Correct Name
2. Correct Address
3. Proper Description for the web site

Also we will check how many posts you have in the forum.

You must have 5 non-spam post for web-hosting
Else the signup will be rejected

If your signup is rejected and you have no posts in the forum, do make some posts and signup again at

With proper name, address and site description.

Here is an example site description, that will got rejected.

manandbfgr rjrurur rnrbrhrhryryrr . Sites with out proper description will get deleted. 2. Write down what you are going to do with your site. 3. Write only in English, we prefer English sites. 4. No File Sharing sites.
Following signup rejected as there is no description for the web site

Name: faisal rahman
Forum Username: faisal rahman
Address: jl.glagahsari 92
City: Yogyakarta
State: DIY
Zip: 55146
Country: ID