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Thread: Be Popular at Work...four steps.

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    Default Be Popular at Work...four steps.

    Step One: Increase Your Friendliness
    Your friendliness is a function of your ability to communicate
    openness and welcome to others. Make an effort to greet people
    cheerfully, smile often and adopt a friendly mindset that you
    communicate through positive body language and words.

    Step Two: Raise Your Relevance
    Your relevance has to do with your connection to others' interests,
    wants and needs. The more relevant you are, the more people like
    you. Relevance has three levels:

    Contact. The odds are, likability will increase with "functional
    distance," such as sitting next to someone at a party or living

    Mutual Interests. Having common interests or experiences makes
    people feel validated and generates a sense of community and
    personal respect.

    Value. Relevance is strongest when the value you offer meets another
    person's wants and needs. This produces positive attitudes in the
    person's mind and contributes to your allure.

    To become more relevant, find ways to connect with the interests and
    needs of others. Know what they're passionate about outside of work.
    Be aware of their emotional needs and willing to respond to them.

    Step Three: Show Empathy
    Your empathy reflects your capacity to see things from another
    person's point of view and to experience his or her feelings
    yourself. When you connect with someone's feelings, and they believe
    you're "with them," it delivers a psychological hug. Ask yourself,
    do I:

    Know how that person is feeling about his or her life situation
    these days?

    Understand what it must feel like to perform the person's tasks day
    after day -- be it caring for an elderly relative at home or
    managing a heavy workload?

    Share the same emotions about key issues?

    By making yourself more emotionally available, your connection with
    people -- and your likability -- will grow dramatically.

    Step Four: Keep It Real
    Realness is consistency between your beliefs and actions. To be true
    to yourself and others, you need to:

    Do what you want to be doing in life.

    Live with purpose.

    Commit to the principles of your work.

    Be the same person on the outside as you are on the inside.

    Be direct and honest with others.

    The more you live by your values, the more your perceived realness
    will elevate. Conversely, if people decide you're not real, they
    will discount your friendliness, relevance and empathy -- and
    probably dislike you.

    "Basically, likability comes down to creating positive emotional
    experiences in others," Sanders concludes. "When you make others
    feel good, they tend to gravitate to you."

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    interesting approach! good spirit!

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    Commit to the principles of your work.

    Be the same person on the outside as you are on the inside.

    Be direct and honest with others

    I liked this words

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    Default hmmmm

    nice. did you make it up yourself?

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    and this really works? ima try it once :D and post the results later :)

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    intelligence is enough to make you stand out from the rest. just my two cents. :)


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