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Thread: Anushka Sharma’s not second fiddle to Kat

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    Default Anushka Sharma’s not second fiddle to Kat

    Anushka Sharma is not playing second fiddle to Katrina Kaif in Yash Chopra’s directorial venture. A while ago, the actress had woken up to some disturbing piece of news about her role in the film being a mere guest appearance.
    But now the Chopras have put her out of her misery with an official confirmation in the negative.
    A source says, “Anushka is in that position today where she can reject an offer if she doesn’t like it. She is not bound by any contract with YRF; so if she is doing the film, it means there is something in it for her.”
    However, those following Kat’s meteoric rise in the Chopra camp feel that she is their hot favourite at the moment with three films with the top Khans.
    So it won’t be surprising if her role turns out to be meatier than Anushka’s.
    But the possibility seems bleak. “Anushka’s role in the film is not a guest appearance. She is one of the three leading actors,” says their official spokesperson.

    Anushka Sharma:More Stills

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