In his first media interaction after being nominated for the Rajya Sabha (RS) by the President of India, Sachin Tendulkar said while he will like to make a contribution as a Member of Parliament, he remains primarily a sportsman and not a politician.

"It's a bouncer, but I'm aware of my responsibilities. It's a great honour for me, [though] I'm not a politician but a sportsman. I will like to contribute in whatever way I can," Tendulkar said about his RS nomination, which has been made under the quota of eminent citizens of India.

When asked about how he handles the amount of success he has achieved in cricket, Tendulkar credited it to his upbringing and education. "My upbringing taught me to have a balanced approach. Education helps in balanced thinking. Educations helps you in becoming a better person. Keeping [the] mind blank is important. You should focus on the present. When people say I am insane, I am in the present."

"When the President nominates your name, you are nominated because of your contribution. I was nominated because I played for India for 22 years. Great persons like Lata [Mangeshkar] Didi have been nominated," Tendulkar said.

But Tendulkar was quick to make it clear that the nomination can't come in way of his playing cricket. "RS nomination is a great honour, but it's not going to stop my cricket. Cricket is my life. All my awards are only due to cricket."

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