Recently, Emraan Hashmi was aghast on reading about a threesome sequence being planned with him and Bipasha Basu & Esha Gupta for 'Raaz 3'. Though his wife is now cool with his on-screen kissing scenes, an intimate encounter like this would have required some explanation from him. Ditto for Bipasha Basu who, despite her single status, wasn't quite ready for such physical intimacy. As for Esha Gupta, she was just waiting for instructions to come her way though she was sure about not having bargained for such claim to fame in Bollywood.

"It is fact though that Emraan has close encounters with both women in the film", says Vikram Bhatt, "However it is done separately. All three of them aren't there together on bed."

While a lot is being brought out of closet in cinema today, something like this would have been unprecedented by all standards, whether in Bollywood or any other popular film industry across the globe.

"There is no way Vikram would be taking experimentation this far", says a close associate of the director, "Yes, he comes from the Bhatts clan who are forward thinking and try to be bring sexuality out of the closet. However a threesome is definitely not in anyone's mind; at least as far as filming it is concerned."

Now that should lay all rumours to rest.

Imraan Hashmi:more stills

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