Lava XOLO X900 is the first smartphone to run on Intel's Medfield reference design. As soon as the smartphone landed in our office, we tried inserting the SIM card.

While the microSIM tray is placed on a side panel, we ended up opening the back panel. But what we noticed was shocking.

Lava XOLO's back panelThe battery was connected to the device with loose black and red wires, something we had never seen in any phone till date.

When contacted, Lava said: "Like other leading smartphones in market today, the XOLO X900 features a non-replaceable battery design. Because of this, there are no connectors and the battery is wired in."

If that's the case, Lava should have sealed the XOLO from the back, so that the battery panel cannot be opened. Also, when connected to the charger, the left panel heated up in less than ten minutes, making it difficult to hold.

Powering on the XOLO greeted us with the typical Android interface but the app icons are really small. The phone runs on Android v2.3. Priced at Rs 22,000, it features a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and a 8MP camera that we still have to test more.

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