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Thread: Internet sharing of chords, lyrics targeted

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    Default Internet sharing of chords, lyrics targeted

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve stumbled upon. Like guitar tabs and lyrics are the least of the problem out there, just look at the file sharing programs out there like Lime wire, I don’t see anything being done about that. This is just stupid out of all the problems happening in the world today they find this to pick on, flippin’ idiots! Cause some CEO of some music company only got 10 million instead of 15… instead of spreading the love for the music they’re taking it away</rant>

    …and let us not forget another ridiculous thing to add;
    Keiser called for closing of sites that share guitar licks and lyrics and recommended jail time for site administrators who don't comply.

    hahahhahah I can just see it now…

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    Default angry about tabs!

    i cant belive music executives want to shut down tab sites! i'm in an unsigned band and now we cant learn covers because of this new rule. we have never made any money from using the tabs, so how is any one in the music buisness losing out?
    ok rant over!

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    o man, that stinks. I play guitar and i was planning to get some song lyrics from there. My guitar teacher even gets some of my music from tabs.


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