1. Friends never judge you

One of the good things about friends is that they never judge you. They will never interrupt you or ask any questions regarding whatever you are doing or want to do in your life. On the contrary, they will always support you and appreciate you for what you are doing. Friends always help you and serve you without asking for your money, reward or any dues.

2. Friends never leave you alone

Friends are like shadows that will always be with you. If you are feeling sad or lonely, they would try to make you feel happy with their company. They would do anything to make you laugh when you are crying. They are the ones who, when you are silent, would sit beside you and start talking. They would not let you be sad and demoralized.

3. Friends always listen to you

The other important thing about friends is that they always listen to you when you are in a bad situation because they know that in their difficult times you would be there for them. You would make yourself available for them as they have done for you. With friends, you can share your stuff. You can share your ideas, experiences of life and you can solve each other’s problems.

4. Friends always encourage you

Friends are the ones who always keep you happy. They will always motivate you to achieve your goal in life and they’ll even help you in achieving that goal. They will encourage you. They can’t say ‘no’ for anything.

5. Friends are trustworthy

You can trust your friends completely. You can share anything with them. Friends are the ones with whom you can share your personal things and they will not breach your trust. Only friends will feel happy when you achieve success. In this fast running world and cut-throat competition, only a good friend can be the greatest source of relief.

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